Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Global leaders and professionals need to broaden their perspective to fix misperceptions, envision a future global society, and solve numerous problems facing humanity in a structural way.

The emerging digital world upon us is about hyper-connectivity and interdependence. Organizations are like the switches connecting to the ever-expanding and dynamic digital ecosystem in which business leaders and professionals need to think globally and holistically, develop global cognizance and navigation competency by capturing emerging trends, seeing patterns, connecting wider dots, continually growing and thriving, taking systematic approaches to solve complex problems with global impact effectively.

Capture trends: Global societies are complex and dynamic, the emerging trends shape the future of business and reinforce the digital characteristics of the business such as inclusion, innovation, intelligence. It is important to gain strong cultural cognition in a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and globally distributed world as you need a directional guide. Global leaders today must have a clear vision of their organization, seek out the potential and capabilities they’ll need for the future development. The emergent trends can shape the behavior of future enterprises and some have been happening already.

The interdependent global paradigm arises out of new knowledge, and fresh insight. In a business scope, there are important bits and bytes of information needed to improve decision coherence and problem-solving effectiveness. An insightful global leader can leverage quality information to capture customer insight, business foresight, predict trends, smell the growth opportunities or potential risks, evaluate new markets or technologies, navigate their organization in the right direction, drive competitive value and global growth indefatiguably.

Uncover patterns: Organizations across industries have stepped into the hyper-connected global world with blurred territories. Business leaders and professionals have to dive deeper to uncover cultural patterns of collective mindset, attitude, and behaviors, see invisible in order to read digital sentiment clearly, work inclusively and orchestrate transformative changes collaboratively.

In reality though, many business managers and professionals still apply old silo mindsets to new ways of organizing, this legacy to the old economy causes culture inertia and limits the potential of international organizations. To break down outdated concepts, traditions, and overcome unconscious biases, it’s important to look for something hidden, which is not always obvious, discover patterns that are going to have an impact on your company’s ability to adapt to changes, make better assumptions to improve business decision effectiveness.

Unusual connections:
The global society means a hyperconnected and over-complex business environment. Business leaders and professionals can develop global cognition by embracing the variety of perspectives to open their mind, connecting wider dots for harnessing multifaceted cultural values, understanding global intellectual/social capital, enhancing professional relationships with trust, and facilitating world-wide dialogues to enforce cross-boundary communication and collaboration. They can predict, adapt to the emerging digital trends and pull strategy execution towards the right direction.

Great leaders, as versatile diplomats with global cognizance, can observe deeper, make clear discernment, gain cognitive understanding of diverse people, connect unusual dots to bridge differences, facilitate continuous dialogues to define and co-solve problems, drive transformative change in the global scope, and amplify their leadership influence via both intellectual understanding and emotional connection.

Global leaders and professionals are more open-minded to new concepts and ideas, not afraid to leverage contrarian views to shape a holistic picture, and understand cognitive differences. They have to continue learning, sharing their viewpoint about things or events happening in the surroundings, broadening their perspective to fix misperceptions, envisioning a future global society, and solving numerous problems facing humanity in a structural way.


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