Saturday, July 23, 2022


Keep your mind open and eyes fresh.

Everything is interconnected and the business ecosystem becomes more interdependent and dynamic than ever. The rate of change has accelerated, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, either individuals or companies must begin broadening their ecosystem perspectives while becoming more learning agile; they must learn how to strike a balance of keeping things moving forward today and predicting the uncertain issues of tomorrow, discover patterns and drive progressive change in a consistent way.

Perceive certainty from uncertainty: Uncertainty, risk is inherent in the marketplace and in every venture. The business world is littered with examples of failure to analyze the market and competitors that they operate in. The problem is not uncertainty, rather, it is unpreparedness towards the effective and efficient handling of uncertainty. Business management needs to know which factors contribute to uncertainty in order to handle it smoothly. Is it caused by “unknowable” - beyond the knowledge and understanding of management? Many factors need to be considered in order to understand and handle uncertainty smoothly.

We can't and won't be able to predict or manage every turn or twist of the business, insightful professionals can identify patterns, predict emerging trends, have anticipatory awareness of possible/plausible negative impact, see certainty from uncertainty, visualize, identify and convert uncertainty to risk through the application of quantification methods in order to be able to manage uncertainty to a certain degree, map and measure complex interactions in real-time, gain early warning and move up management maturity from risk mitigation to risk intelligence.

See sameness from difference:
With the abundance of information and knowledge only clicks away, hyperconnectivity and interdependence, we are stepping into the knowledge economy and global society. Those businesses that are unwilling to genuinely appreciate diversity, embrace inclusiveness, will get stuck into the silo, enlarge the variety of gaps, make poor judgment, be unable to know how to tap their diverse resources and recognize merit and ideas. So they become irrelevant, and will not be able to survive, let alone thrive. Forward-looking companies understand thinking or behavior patterns from diverse people, focus on embracing cognitive differences, complementary skills, abilities and the wealth of ideas to catalyze innovation and accelerate transformative changes.

In such a knowledge economy and global climate, many think insight is still scarce nowadays. The business transformation has to go a few inches deeper for cultivating the culture of inclusiveness. It’s important for make people aware of the diversity in their organization or team, help them understand the value of harnessing the differences, identify sameness from difference - the likemindedness, strong character, common interest, etc, giving people voice to express themselves, equip them with efficient tools to communicate, collaborate, build trust effectively. Innovative organizations take steps further to build compelling teams with heterogeneous settings so that the collective mindsets are more advanced to adapt to changes; the newly acquired behaviors don’t require the same kind of effort and vigilance; the organizations can unleash their full potential by taking a path with growth trajectory and leveraging information to predict and prevent risks intelligently.

Uncover answer from question:
Although knowledge is only a few clicks aways today, there is misinformation, outdated knowledge, a mixed bag of truth and myths, not to mention the blurred territories of subject domains, functions, industries. Business leaders and professionals should always perform research on invaluable topics, anticipate questions and formulate answers. Framing the right questions is perhaps harder than you think; information savvy professionals know how to formulate questions that have a basis in "predictive" rather than "reactive" thinking. Insightful conversationalists are able to see answers from such questions, and raise more great questions to clarify truth from myth. Collaboratively, get your team to come up with their own series of questions and answers to solve a problem or address an issue insightfully.

Always keep your mind open and eyes fresh. With the high velocity and unprecedented uncertainty, asking the right questions helps to validate how thoroughly and deeply your team's thinking is on a particular issue. Good questions provoke comprehensive answers; great answers stimulate more thought-provoking questions that are open -ended, logical, fresh, giving hints to fluent answers, evoking a response to enlighten or illustrate a specific issue or topic. That means a great questioner is not lacking knowledge, but being insightful to dig deeper for pursuing the next level of understanding; people who facilitate answers need to be humble as the answer of yesterday is perhaps not fitting for the current situation, the future unfolds sometimes in a surprise way.

At the dawn of the digital era, organizations face an unprecedented level of uncertainty, in many circumstances, business leaders couldn’t predict the future with a certain degree of accuracy, they have to understand paradoxes, avoid hidden pitfalls, do in-depth cause-effect analysis, optimize complicated things to deal with the “VUCA” dynamic skillfully, accelerate business growth and reach the next level of maturity.


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