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Framework is a coherent set of ideas, principles, agreements, checklists, standards, processes, tools and building blocks, do & don't practices.

The digital frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel, it helps the organization embed a digital culture into the very fabric of the business, explore digital in a structural way and laser focus on the most important things to get business digital ready.


Culture Framework 

Initiatingcultureframework Culture is invisible, but one of the most critical success factors of the organization. Different businesses are at a different stage of the business maturity cycle. Culture and brand are the most important things that a company will make since they will define how the company interacts with its various stakeholders by a collective set of mindset and behaviors.

Unpuzzlecultureviadotconnection Culture is a collective mindset, attitude, and behavior. We have to shift gears to see the culture of an organization as a collective whole living breathing, a human system composed of uniquely diverse people who have much to offer to grow and develop the culture as a strong organizational brand.

Initiateculturerebooting There are many multinational organizations around, but very few true global businesses; there are full of international managers, but even fewer true global leaders. A lot of research has been done on culture — both national and organizational. By appreciating there is no right or wrong culture, and groups of people behave differently for a variety of reasons, it helps form a better understanding of working with different cultures.

Apply Competency Framework to Improve People Management Effectiveness A high mature digital organization is usually outward-looking rather than insular, people-centric, rather than process-driven. A competency framework incorporates multiple and diverse components, provides guidelines, checklists, standards, platforms, processes, tools, and building blocks, to define and develop talent competencies, improve people management effectiveness and unleash collective potential.

Initiatingcultureassessmentinboardroom Culture is the competitive advantage of the business, and the cultural aspect is an intrinsic factor that drives the organization's business longevity. An organization with excellent culture is arguably capable of providing great results in their competencies.

Leadership as a system is wrapped in a culture of openness and emergence. Besides strategic oversight, the contemporary corporate boards play important roles in assessing culture impact through the following aspects, and setting culture tones to accelerate business performance.

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