Thursday, July 28, 2022


Human society as an integral component of the natural world is dynamic, diverse, and keeps evolving, global leadership is complex because there are many variables in it.

We define most societies by shared patterns of beliefs, attitudes, and actions; and we live in a world where change is the norm with the very characteristics of hyper-diversity and interdependence. There’s no such universal formula to be an insightful leader with a high level of leadership maturity. What works for one region may not be as effective for the other. There is a delicate mix of multidimensional thinking, cross-domain expertise & experience, along with a lot of different attributes to improve world class leadership maturity. 

It’s crucial to keep learning agile, envision the future of the world, define the role you would like to play and how to accomplish it, at which scope, the level of responsibilities you've progressed to take, with the goal to amplify leadership influence and reach up the level of leadership maturity.

The level of understanding: Nowadays, knowledge is only a few clicks away, but sometimes misinformation or outdated concepts cause silo and confusion. It’s important to analyze and synthesize information, examine your thought processes and make sure you are open to true understanding, form your own opinion, and reach a high level of cognitive maturity. From content understanding to contextual insight, true understanding, it requires a person's ability to grasp or comprehend information, self-regulatory judgment, reasoned consideration to evidence, context, conceptualizations, etc. How deep your understanding is based on the mindset, logic, knowledge, lenses, and the methodology you leverage to interpret things, articulate your vision and be persuasive to accomplish the complex works and deepen leadership influence.

Profundity means being insightful and gaining holistic understanding of circumstances, taking step wise actions to solve difficult problems. if you only read the content without contextual intelligence, you are not profound; if you only capture the symptom, without digging through the root cause, you are not profound. Climbing Information-Knowledge-Intelligence-Insight-Wisdom pyramid is a thorny, but a necessary journey with all critical steps in deepening understanding and reaching the next level of profundity. Profundity is revealed via confidence, humility, and empathy accordingly. Be confident to share what you understand; be humble to be aware of and admit what you don't know, be empathetic to know others at the mindset level. Profundity is not for its own sake, but to be more persuasive or influential, to lead progressive changes collaboratively.

The level of innovation excellence:
We live in the era with innovation, empathy and people centricity. Innovation is the process to transform novel ideas for getting multifaceted value. Being innovative is a state of mind, about thinking differently, solving problems in a better way. Innovation can happen from top down, bottom up, or middle out, and needs to become a “living process," with frequent evaluations, listening, and revision. Innovation, like most aspects of learning, is better started with small frequent improvements, then scale up, manage and sustain the widespread incremental innovation, as well as the rarer 'step-change' innovation in products/services/process, working methodology, business model. Breakthrough Innovation is disruptive and will change your organization in many fields. It has high potential to achieve high value, but also indicates high-risk. Beside “hard innovation,” there are soft innovations such as leadership, communication, culture, reinvention.

Moving up the level of innovation excellence means being innovative in what you think and being capable of producing innovative results. You have to systematically develop the integral capabilities to generate fresh ideas, prioritize and implement them successfully, and that is something you do not accomplish overnight, either individually or organizationally. There is a delicate balance of breaking down the overly rigid rules, processes, structures to experiment and tuning efficient processes for managing innovation. The broader the scope, scale, and impact of the innovation, the more one leans towards calling such innovation radical and sustainable. You are high mature innovator if you can keep thinking creatively and produce innovative outcomes consistently.

The level of global influence:
We have moved from the industrial economy to the knowledge economy, now stepping into the hyper-connected and interdependent global economy. Global societies are complex and dynamic, global leaders and professionals are great in altitude, aptitude, and attitude for making a difference in the global world. They are open-minded to new concepts and ideas, not afraid to leverage contrarian views to shape a holistic picture, understand cognitive differences, reinforce the global characteristics such as inclusion, innovation, intelligence, present cultural intelligence to solve problems that have global impact.

At a broader scope, the intention of global leadership is to bridge the multitude of gaps from perception difference to priority preference. In a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and globally distributed world, it is important to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and strong cultural cognition, leverage global intellectual/social capital, clarify the common set of global value, enhance professional relationships with trust, and facilitate world-wide dialogues for harnessing cross disciplinary collaboration and innovation, leading global progress and making a better world. The level of global influence depends on the level of your knowledge fluency, fresh insight, variety of experience, unique competency, and physical/psychological resilience.

Human society as an integral component of the natural world is dynamic, diverse, and keeps evolving, global leadership is complex because there are many variables in it. The more complex the situation is and the world becomes, the more mature leaders are in demand to reach in-depth understanding, facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogues, bridge gaps and unify differences in leading transformative change smoothly.


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