Monday, July 18, 2022


Business professionals today need to be innovative, understand a set of unconventional logic and play many paradoxical roles effortlessly.

Our world becomes over complex with blurred territories and overwhelming growth of information. The paradox is the result of two opposing truths existing side by side, which can be both right. 

Business leaders and professionals have to think multidimensional and become more sophisticated to deal with varying problems effectively. They are able to understand multipath logic behind paradox, and resolve paradox by learning how to keep balance of seemingly opposite, but in fact, complementary factors for bridging differences, and coming up with holistic solutions.

Argument logic: To stimulate fresh feedback or generate good ideas, constructive arguments open a new perspective; changing perspective will change your mind. The argument logic behind paradox enables people to see two sides of the coin to integrate it as the whole. Otherwise, if you focus on the head, you cannot see the tail; while looking at the tail, you cannot see the head. The wisdom lies in "imagining" a perspective of the whole coin as you aspire to discover the truth. An argument evokes paradoxical thinking, you don’t need to agree with the other side's viewpoint completely, but you can always gain empathy, insight by seeing things from the other angle.

Abstract logic
: People are different in thinking, communicating and acting as they have different experience, background, perceptions. Hence, it is the responsibility of each individual to examine themselves and make sure they are open to true understanding. Abstraction helps to eliminate the unnecessary hassles so that the necessary can speak out; abstract logic discovers patterns, captures insight, bridges the differences. From a communication and problem-solving perspective, sharing your thoughts, even though they seem to be paradoxical, and understanding abstract logic underneath paradoxes make people open-minded and wiser. Let the possibility come to connect, reimagine, abstract, look for the things you can agree with, you will have plenty of opportunities to communicate frictionlessly, work inclusively and solve problems collaboratively.

Balance logic:
The paradox fluency is about the balance, the balance of asking and answering; induction & deduction, order vs. chaos; emotion and logic; analysis & synthesis, solid vs. flow, candor and diplomacy, etc. It means balancing paradoxical priorities while delivering meaningful and valuable results. The balance logic underneath the paradox is to understand complex situations and solve problems innovatively, no silo thinking, no binary or extreme thinking. Without the inner balance of energies, we cannot reach a state of harmony.

Business professionals today need to be innovative, understand a set of unconventional logic and play many paradoxical roles effortlessly. Without broad knowledge, profound insight, and ultimate wisdom, you cannot understand both sides of the coin cohesively, discern multifaceted truth confidently, and solve complex problems systematically.


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