Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Creative people see further, observe underneath, perceive imaginably, connect dots intuitively.

Creative energy connects the dots and generates fresh ideas. A creative person is the one that offers others a different perspective to look at the world and reinvent the world. Creativity as the ability to work and produce, requires a certain degree of independence and mental balance, the proper psychological level of inner security and genuine self discovery, autonomy, and mastery. 

We are at the intersection of knowledge and creative economy. It demands the creative eye to look at things and discover innovative ways to handle problems smoothly.

Creativity & Critical thinking: Creative people think differently, solve problems unconventionally, judge the world for themselves, and they are skeptical of, but open with outside opinions. Creative people practice critical thinking, refuse to be limited by conventional thinking box, existing knowledge, common beliefs, define and create their own landscape that they live by in comparison to others who just accept or inherit their convention to live by.

Creativity and critical thinking are not opposite, but complementary, with some overlapping thought processes. In fact, critical thinking evolves a deep thinking process usually with creative thinking embedded. Creative thinking and critical thinking are two types of “out of the box” thinking to challenge outdated knowledge, traditions, rules, and bring up the new perspective for solving problems alternatively.

Creativity & connectivity
:  Creativity is realized in the process of interaction with others and the world. Creative people always see the possibility in the world when most people only see the way that they have been told. Sometimes, creative people process so many connections that depend on unusual analogies and chains of thought that might be completely new to the world. They are learning agile, re-learn the updated knowledge for gaining insight on the changing circumstances, and to connect wider dots for sparking creativity all the time.

Creativity clicks at the intersection of the subconscious and conscious thinking. The crux of using our subconscious mind is to appreciate how different it is from our conscious mind. Sometimes, the subconscious mind seems to bring up the “Aha” moment to generate great ideas. But if creativity is the process of assembling previously disparate or unconnected ideas into a new whole, then it can only be a conscious act to do so.

Creativity & choices:
Creativity is about thinking unconventionally, connecting wider dots, exploring unusual options. Knowing who you are, how you think, learn, react and respond to different situations can help you understand and improve the cognitive, relational and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis and spend more time on creative activities. Collectively, highly innovative organizations are people-centric, providing customers with choices, and delight them with personalized solutions.

The beauty of pursuing “unusual options” is about envisioning and enabling multiple paths to reach goals, select the products/services you prefer to work and enjoy life with personal styles, spur creativity and inspire innovation constantly. We are stronger through diversity, and become more creative through inclusiveness. Creativity allows us to perceive things via unusual angles, connect unusual dots, and explore abundant choices to do things.

Creativity is a flow, an abstract, an imagination, and an association. If we can live authentically, in a way that is true to ourselves, this in itself is creative. Creative people see further, observe underneath, perceive imaginably, connect dots intuitively to generate great ideas and capture fresh insight continually.


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