Monday, July 25, 2022


As a society, we need to respect and encourage authenticity, difference, and innovation.

We live in the modern society in which knowledge is only a few clicks away, learning and education helps people develop their cognitive ability and professional competency scientifically. 

 Every individual has, at least, the opportunity to actualize their potential. From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent in our genes. So collectively, we can co-shape a contemporary society in which we can learn proactively; work passionately and make high achievement with delight.

Professional vision and goals: Contemporary societies encourage self-discovery and autonomy. How to lift an upward career cycle by using your talent and putting the right effort on unleashing your full potential? Natural potential and intuition foster into known and undiscovered diverse approaches of thinking for maximizing self-determination, personal interpretation, and individual expression. Individuals showing potential are distinguished usually by having a clear vision on which roles they intend to play, their mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, and learning more rapidly than their peers.

Vision helps you figure out where to go; insight enables you to explore yourself deeply. To tap human potential is like drilling the oil, if exploring too narrowly, you might never detect the right spot; if deploying the shallow field only, you won't touch the right point. To unleash their potential, people need to take a journey of self-reflection, discover their innate desire, talent, strength, and drive; define professional visions and career goals, becoming self-motivated to achieve more. People must first be open to seeing and understanding that their knowledge is some sort of outdated, their mindset becomes static. So they need to get out of their comfort zone; and then, only then, they are able to open their minds, or, at least, create the conditions for them to do so, and to unleash their intellectual potential.

Competency & experience:
Besides vision, knowledge is crucial to tap potential continually. High potential employees are those who understand that learning is a lifetime experience, and then their experience will be a building block of developing professional competency. In order to tap your potential, investigate your passion, discover your strength, define and build competency by accumulating knowledge & experiences, establish yourselves as a subject expert with a very strong reputation in a particular topic area.

 Creativity is sparked with passion; reflecting our innate cognitive potential. To keep tapping their potential, individuals need to step outside the box and challenge perception, push themselves to their limit. Professional competencies are interrelated with the traits and expertise; professional strength needs to be built via continuous learning, experiencing, and practices. Based on the talents and skills people have developed, they are able to live an authentic life, unlock their professional performance, and make the biggest contribution to society according to their specific gifts and passions. It is only when all individuals challenge themselves and then come together as a group will we see real human potential achieved.

Criticisms, resources, policies:
Constructive criticisms such as good advice or timely feedback is crucial to make a person much more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses, focusing on professional advancement. Not having critics might make your path easy, but you perhaps can not explore your true potential. In the organizational setting, good policies are the strategic constraint and necessary frame to shape the fitting mindset and behavior, encouraging people to become the better version of themselves; abundant knowledge and resources are like fertilized soil to nurture innovation, grow potentiality seeds.

It is also important to build a culture of learning, encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, keep learning to expand the horizon with growth minds, encourage constructive criticism and feedback giving, and unleash their potential. Organizations operate on a real meritocracy basis and everyone has an opportunity to work hard, their talent can be recognized & rewarded; their professional goal can be aligned with the strategic goals of the organization to unlock system potential.

As a society, we need to respect and encourage authenticity, difference, and innovation. We expect that personalized training, teaching, coaching, role modeling, etc, lead to better understanding and application in workforce management to enforce professional upcycle career development. It is only then, we will see 'Human potential' really show itself and advance humanity.


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