Saturday, July 30, 2022


 Leadership is about the future, the future implicates changes and innovation.

The world has become more connected and transparent, there are leadership opportunities at any given point in time where people congregate to reach a clear vision. 

Good leadership means continuous improvements; great leaders operate with the core principles: authenticity, influence, creativity, simplicity, and speed, to lead courageously, solve problems innovatively, develop people insightfully, and amplify leadership influence effortlessly.

Leadership vision: The most critical and yet overlooked foundation to being a real leader is in choosing a destination that creates a better world! Leadership is about identifying and envisioning a worthy objective, and engaging people to work towards that objective empathetically. True leaders are not the followers to capture the tidal waves blindly, but are able to capture the invaluable business insight to make sound judgments in a consistent way. Leadership influence is made based on the leadership substances such as vision, purpose, knowledge, expertise, and competency with effective digital leadership styles such as participation, coaching or delegation.

Innovative problem-solving: Running an organization or a society is simply about an iterative problem-solving continuum. The leadership differentiation provided by unique capabilities is usually more effective and influential for innovative problem-solving. They need to have broad business acumen, deep expertise in the specific field, interdisciplinary knowledge, and cross-functional experiences, to understand perspectives different from their own, frame the right problems and solve them in the right way. The problem-solving is complex, the emphasis is on trying to determine which competencies or capabilities should be used in which combination, and with what level of weight for each, for every different situation, to dig into root causes of critical issues and solve them thoroughly.

Awakening possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results:
Contemporary business leaders have unique eyes to discover unimaginable uniqueness of people, look at all aspects of their individual traits, work ethic, creativity, experience, professional competency, hidden potential, achievements and performance. They are able to identify talent gaps by pondering: Where exactly the individual is lacking? What are the skills or attributes that need to be developed, does an individual's capability align well with a business's strategic need, beyond transactional activities, how to mind the gaps of collective capabilities of the organization to realize the strategic goals of the company? Training and development plans for workforces need to be in line with what the business or organization needs for the future. Organizations should set the leadership tone to encourage people to question the status quo, think independently and create an environment that encourages dissent and candor, change and innovation.

Every leader and organization face obstacles that are difficult to surmount, from corporate executives confronting the complex global marketplace to innovators trying to unleash human potential. Leadership is about the future, the future implicates changes and innovation. Leadership is an influence, which is based on their ability to inspire, confidence to assert, insight to bridge, and consistency to produce higher than expected results all the time.


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