Thursday, October 1, 2020

Leadership is a “Sophisticated Thing” (Part I)

Leadership is the right mix of altitude, aptitude, and attitude.

Leadership is like-

the sun light;

guiding us through-

the future smoothly.

it’s about -

setting principles

increasing visibility,

warming up hearts,

connecting minds,

and making-

a world of difference.

Leadership is -

the steering wheel;

walk us through-

turmoil time,

step into-

uncharted water, 

and voyage into-

the digital new normal

at the steadfast pace,


Leadership is-

the culture catalyst;

with intellectual curiosity,

continuously be open to-

learning and,

applying these learning

as we move forward

in an adaptive way.

Leadership is-

an intelligence booster;

the defining qualities -

that distinguish -

great leaders,

from the rest -

stem from-

the mindset level.

Digital leaders today,

need to have -

advanced mindsets with-

multidimensional intelligence,

allowing them to-

make sound judgments;

having discovery eyes,

enabling them-

to discern patterns;

the wiser they are,

the better leader-

they become.

Great leaders spread-

their influence,

like sowing-

sunflower seeds,

from one to many,

vertically & horizontally,

to the bigger land,

and shape a scenery


Leadership is the combination of -

character and competence;

mindset and behavior,

science and art,

philosophy and psychology,

logic and gut feeling,

and the right mix of -

altitude, aptitude,

and attitude.

Leadership is -

a sophisticated thing.


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