Friday, October 16, 2020

The Monthly “100 IT Charm” Book Tuning: Intrapreneurship and IT Innovation Oct. 2020

The heart of entrepreneurship is about changes.

The purpose of the book “100 IT Charms: Running Versatile IT to get Digital Ready“ is to articulate different flavors of digital IT organizations and brainstorm the best and next practices for running highly innovative and high-performance IT. 

Digital charm is not based on the style presented on the surface but on a set of unique competencies to make IT shine through as a business differentiator.

Intrapreneurship and IT Innovation 

IT Innovation and Intrapreneurship The digital organization is technology driven and information intensive, IT needs to become the linchpin to integrate people, process, and technology into differentiated business competency such as innovation. The art of innovation is to connect wider dots for creating new ideas; the science of innovation is to take a structural approach to innovation management. Thus, IT is the hub to bridge the art and science of innovation. Nowadays, IT is the business in the business and the digital engine of the entire organization. The role of CIO continues to evolve rapidly in the midst of the information in digital transformation. Forward-looking IT organizations should practice intrapreneurship for running IT as a software startup, promoting and sustaining organizational performance, renewal and corporate competitiveness.

Practicing Intrapreneurship in Running Enterprise IT? IT organizations play a critical role in the organization’s digital transformation. Many forward-looking IT organizations have built a partnership with startup companies to accelerate changes and deliver innovative and cost-effective business solutions. And high-performing enterprise IT organizations also leverage the startup culture for catalyzing changes and improving IT agility. But more specifically, how to practice intrapreneurship in running an enterprise IT organization?

The New Book “12 CIO Personas” Chapter 9 Introduction: The CIO as “Chief Intrapreneur Officer” The majority of organizations at the industrial age are manipulated by silo thinking and hierarchical management style. To break down silos, intrapreneur-executive leadership is an emergent digital trend. Corporate Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship has been recognized as potentially viable, it means for promoting and sustaining organizational performance, renewal and corporate competitiveness. Being entrepreneurial is first the mindset, and then attitude, skills are the easier part to be developed. IT plays a crucial role in driving change and leading digitalization. One of the most appropriate titles for the digital CIO is “Chief Intrapreneur Officer,” to run IT as the software startup.

Intrapreneurship Challenges and Value Proposition The heart of entrepreneurship is about changes, organizations no matter large or small, all face unprecedented change, uncertainty, and continuous disruptions. Thus, they have to keep reinventing themselves, exploring emerging business opportunities, substantiating their competitive position, affecting the market landscape, and driving business growth in a structural way.

CIOs as Chief Intrapreneur Officer: How to Encourage Creativity and Manage Innovation
It's common that many IT companies tend to focus more on their core competencies with age and often forget about the value of innovation. Without encouraging creativity, organizations would be upstaged by the ones that are creative because disruptive innovation will happen no matter how well you prepare. Digital IT needs to be run as a business, and digital CIOs should be the “Chief Intrapreneur Officer,” with “whole brain” thinking: Being logic in your mind based on your years of engineering training and experiences and be creative in your heart, dream big and think big. Because the CIO’s vision will directly impact their organization’s strategic perspective for the long term. So, how to encourage creativity and manage innovation effectively?

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