Thursday, October 15, 2020

“Unleashing Human Potential” as the Vision and Intention behind “Digital Master” Book Series

Unleash human potential: from self-limitation to self-actualization.

The world is becoming more hyper-connected and over-complex, now the ocean, the mountain, or the desert cannot separate us. The outlines of the fully digitalized world have long been sketched, the phenomenon of digital is reaching the inflection point, yet we are entering an even more rapid and extensive period of transformation. Change is difficult, but imperative.

Writing a book series is 1% of inspiration and 99% of dedication, perspiration, and perseverance, with decades of effort. As the saying goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The purpose of “Digital Master “ Book Series is to:

-Sow intelligence seeds, and reap innovation fruits.

-Change mindset is changing everything.

-See the trees without ignoring forests.

-Advocate “Out-of-Box” thinking to spark creativity.

-Live a holistic, integrated, and interdisciplinary perspective.

-Diagnose root causes, fix real problems.

-Awake the great consciousness from apathy to sympathy to empathy.

-Strike the right balance of long term perspective and quick win.

-Unleash human potential: from self-limitation to self-actualization.

The Digital transformation, like the computer technology revolution itself, is a long, thorny and continuous journey. Be persistent and consistent. “Constant dripping wears away the stone.”  May “Digital-Master” series become the guidebooks that lightens your way to change.


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