Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Monthly “Problem-Solving Master” Book Tuning: Innovative and Intelligent Problem-Solving Oct. 2020

The purpose of “Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creativelyis to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. 

Digital leaders and professionals should self-aware of their role in problems, show professional maturity, and develop a good reputation as the problem-solver.

     Innovative and Intelligent Problem-Solving

Innovative and intelligent Problem-Solving In the real world, due to hyper complexity and unprecedented uncertainty, problem-solving in the majority of organizations today is woefully inadequate, most people usually never question what is exactly the problem because "it's the way things should be." Often, events and patterns are observed on the surface, and then the action is taken to fix the symptom, but that is too early, and perhaps cause further problems later on.

How to Create Multiple Pathways for Problem-Solving Fundamentally, the business or societal progress is made via a healthy cycle of problem-framing and problem-solving continuum. There is no magic formula for problem-solving, With the increasing pace of changes and shortened knowledge cycle, the best practices are outdated sooner than ever and “commonly known” methodology could be no longer working anymore when the circumstances change dramatically. You can't always wait for the "best" solution to emerge. It is important to experiment, explore, engage, and create multiple pathways to solve problems creatively.

From Problem-Solving Conundrum to Solution-Driven Digital Continuum We are experiencing the major paradigm shift from the industrial machine age to the post-industrial information/ knowledge /insight/ digital ages at the societal level. These changes and transformations are reshaping our thinking and recasting the way we view ourselves, the systems of which we are the part, and the way how we live, think and work. Running a business is fundamentally a problem-solving continuum. With lightweight digital technologies and well-educated digital workforce, can organizations today move from problem-solving conundrum to a solution-driven digital continuum?

Problem Solving With Intentional NoveltyFundamentally either running a business or living life is an iterative problem-solving continuum. There are strategic problem solving from a long term perspective and tactical problem solving on a daily basis. Problem Solving with intentional novelty is about how to think unconventionally or from a new perspective, frame and solve problems creatively. In the business world, you can't always wait for the "best" solution to emerge. It is important to experiment, explore, and encourage a new way to understand tough issues and deal with them in an innovative manner.

How to Leverage Systems Thinking in Problem Diagnosing and Solving in Digital Era?The world we live in is full of opportunities and problems. Many problems do exist because they are either ill-defined or the concept cannot be adequately captured by our current language contextually, or often, they get lost in translation. In addition, there's the problem that the same word means different things to different people because they carry different emotional baggage or have cognitive differences. So what’re the best scenarios for problems diagnosing and problems solving? And how to leverage Systems Thinking in managing them?

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