Sunday, October 11, 2020

Potential is an “Inspiring Thing” (Part I)


Human potential is like-

spring water;

the deeper you dig,

the more it flows out.

Human potential is like-

flower seeds;

the more you sow,

the more you harvest.

Identify and unleash potential,

just like the gardeners-

nurture their plants,

water them,

fertilize them,

catalyze their growth,

enjoy the blossom.

Tapping human potential,

like drilling the oil;

if exploring too narrowly,

you might not even get closer,

to accomplish the mission;

if deploying-

the shallow field only,

you won't dig deep enough to -

detect the right spot.

To Identify a person’s potential,

look for strong evidence of -

a desire to learn and grow.

High potential people are -

intellectually curious,

with a strong desire to -

learn and expand -

their horizon;

to discover your true potential,

is to soar as-

an eagle, and beyond.


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