Friday, October 16, 2020

Trust is an “Intelligent Thing” (Part I)

“Trust but verify" is a principle to live by.

Trust is the sunshine-

in the long rainy day;

trust is the green oasis-

in the dry land;

trust is-

the fruit of relationship,

start with oneself-

the mind,

and grows-

outward to -

the people,

and the environment.

Know you,

know me,

trust is a two-way street;

Too much trust,

without verification is-


Too little trust,

without open-mindedness create -


Trust is a double-edged sword.

Every mind has -

shadow in it;

some more,

some less;

trust intends to -

lighten it up;

there are scars,

in many souls;

trust tries to soothe the pains...

Will decisions enhance -

trust, erode it, 

or have no impact?

The key to trust is -

to establish trustworthiness,

as a character trait,

with all great ingredients-

credibility, sound judgment,

fairness, openness,

empathy, professionalism...

trust is an “intelligent thing.”

Trust is not straightforward,

but multifaceted.

It encompasses-

trusting self,

trusting others,

and earning -

the trust of others.

Trust and respect go-

hand in hand.

You can't build

and nourish trust

without creating-

a conducive environment.

Trust can be cultivated by -

giving the right advice,

guidance, and direction.

“Trust but verify," is -

a principle to -

live by.


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