Saturday, October 10, 2020

Motivation is a “Driven Thing”

Self-motivation should be heart desire,  true passion, authentic expression. 

Motivation is-

a form of consciousness;

a “cognitive momentum"

coming from-

consistently applying-

the habits congruent with-

the achievement of the goal.

Motivation is like-


wind power;

or earth magnetic field;

infusing a kind of energy,

opening up our mind to-

do everything that -

we must do;

to make a difference.

Motivation can be -

either the carrot

or the stick

with two elements of -

push and pull;

to get us out of -

“the comfort zone,”

shape the trajectory of-

our behavior.

Motivation is often innate,

with a mix of emotional river flow,


when it does,

can we still be honest and say-

yes, a bit low today.

It is at the ground level,

and immediate.

Self-motivation should be-

heart desire,

true passion,

authentic expression.

The only one who can -

motivate us is ourselves.

We have to -

have desire,

be willing to -

challenge ourselves to-

be all we can be.

Motivation is to-

drive action;

to bounce back,

move ahead,

to compete to win.

Motivation is -

the hard force,

with soft touch.

The purpose is -

the greatest motivator;

a deep desire to -

make the world-

a better place, 

and fueled by-

a sense of-

gratitude and responsibility;

compelling us to -

stay committed,

and achieve “the art of possible.”


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