Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Great leaders and professionals keep learning, become an expert in their subject domains, continue to grow into either generalized specialist or specialized generalist to reach the high level of professional maturity.

The world is increasingly complex and fast-changing; the need for specialization is likely to increase. However, greater specialization shouldn’t lead to silo or enlarge gaps between knowledge domains or organizational functions. Open-minded generalized specialists can apply their enriched knowledge and in-depth understanding to solve complex problems impressively; specialized generalists can practice expert based leadership to bridge gaps consistently.

The subject matter experts and technical professionals are in demand to use their expertise for solving a special set of problems fitting for their purpose: No one is an expert in everything, but you can always gain expertise for a few things. In the industrial/knowledge based economy, people admire specialists - the subject matter experts and technique professionals who got trained years to sharpen certain special skills, aspire to excel in their respective roles and grow in professional stature.

However, everything exists in a constant state of change and knowledge of an evolving thing must keep evolving. With abundant information, frequent disruptions often caused by the latest technology, these specialists also need to keep updating their knowledge, identify and close the gap between knowledge and insight, and keep the end in mind - apply their knowledge to solve problems, rather than fixing symptoms only.

To break down silos, technical or business specialists need to become generalized specialists -gain a bigger picture view, and try to avoid creating some problems beyond their domain: Knowledge by itself is nothing if you do not understand how to apply it and make it useful. With hyper connected and interdependent new normal, greater specialization does not need to lead to silo working, specialists can broaden their knowledge by continuous learning.

Also, there are other organizational options such as cross-functional collaboration needed to learn from each other, collaborate with cross functional managers and communicate with other specialists to co solve ever complex, interdependent business problems effectively. If the specialists and the tech professionals are devoid of collaboration and conflict resolution skills, the gaps would be enlarged, perhaps the new problems would be created when they try to fix the old problems.

Interdisciplinary knowledge is almost the order of the day in which contrasting ideas, and complementary views will surface often, and insight is gained ultimately
: Knowledge is power, however, the knowledge life cycle is significantly shortened, and lots of commodity knowledge is just a few clicks away. To reach the state of knowledge proficiency and practice expert power wisely, it is important to capture fresh insight, practice expert power based on critical thinking and creative thinking, always dig into the root cause or the core issues of a situation that leads to understanding and resolution, make sound judgments and solve problems smoothly.

Knowledge is power, to lead effectively in today’s hyperconnected world, specialized generalists are in demand to motivate and communicate effectively, become the bridge between subjects domains, interpreters of cognitive differences or technical jargons; lubricates of change management, strategic interface for conveying bigger picture, etc, Ideally, specialized generalists and generalized specialists can work collaboratively to solve many complex problems seamlessly or coach the next generation of business managers or professionals all the time.

You may be knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, but there will always be something you're really good at. Professional skill development and competency building are dependent on the individual’s wish, innate talent as per organization’s standards. Forward-looking companies invest human capital and expand their talent pool constantly; great leaders and professionals keep learning, become an expert in their subject domains, continue to grow into either generalized specialist or specialized generalist to reach the high level of professional maturity.


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