Monday, September 13, 2021


Potential management needs to be an integral part of strategy, culture and talent management. Potentiality CoEs is one of the management practices to roll potentiality to performance and bring value to the long term organizational prosperity.

Performance keeps the business lights on; potentiality can be unleashed to accelerate future performance. Either individually or collectively, potentiality is the worthy investment and hidden dimension to explore growth opportunities, and investigate hidden paths for reaching the next cycle of professional/organizational development and maturity. 

A center of excellence for potentialization is often made as a competency center for enterprise-wide potentialization deployment. It refers to a facility or a team composed with talented interdisciplinarians who can work both on the box and cross the box to discover patterns, provide visionary leadership, evantelizable advices; best and next practices; industrial or cross-industrial research or studies, interactive support or immersive training for managing collective human potential or organizational system potential systematically.

Potentiality CoEs look at their employees as invaluable human capital and perceive their company as an organic and conscious system that can grow in multiple directions: Most organizations today are still a sum of parts. Each division lives in their own silo, categorizing their people or tasks via the functioning or administrating lens and assess performance quantitatively. That creates bottlenecks and generates functional gaps, and prevents the management from understanding their business strength and potential. A Center of Excellence is a team of insightful talent masters or changes agents who are more informative, inclusive, interactive, perceive people via empathetic lens, understand their characters, strength, and core competencies; and read their business context inside-out via strategic angle. Forward-looking leadership teams can also assign some special resources or assets to CoEs to predict trends, set new criteria, facilitate continuous dialogues, create culture, innovation, people management index, experiment new ways to evaluate people, organizational competitive advantage, etc, to unlock future performance.

Keep in mind though, Center of excellence does not guarantee to deliver excellent results, or become the source of all truth in the universe. As sometimes, it becomes the other “silo,” aloof and apart from the core business, or it comes across as a know-it-all, forgetting their purpose to rejuvenate the culture of change and innovation. Keep in mind, the vision and mission of developing a potentiality CoE is to understand the growth potential of humans and contemporary organization, scale their practices across the company for idea sharing, learning and education, position rotation, talent development, creative problem-solving, etc. The journey of pursuing excellence is all about sharing a higher vision, broaden perspective, and deep insight of varying issues upon exploring collective potential.

Potentiality CoEs start with and revolve around a set of solid methodology and a series of activities: To move forward, we have to be determined to not get limited by conventional wisdom, make real progress somehow, and it will help us try unconventional practices, with a better result. Forward-looking companies use a variety of CoEs extensively, produce interesting (thought-provoking) and reliable (to a certain degree) results to offer organizations opportunities for growth. Researching and producing are both important for CoE to reach its strategic goals. Strong business involvement at all levels is critical to success.

Team members funding or working in potentiality CoEs are not only great insighteers, but also excellent interpreters who are capable of speaking the language of multiple disciplines, analyze the business cases, and see more qualitative and quantitative improvement based on their study or work from a much greater base in the organization. They focus on exploring and follow up with logical step such as: How well does the individual/team/corporation continue to perform and grow in their current roles, how likely are they to take on new challenges at work, rapidly learn and grow into next-level roles, or roles that are expanded and redefined as business changes? Have you put the right people in the right positions to accomplish the right work? Why not establish personal and team baselines and always expect the best from everyone? Etc.

It takes time to mature such practices - the excellence of CoE is not an overnight phenomenon
: Centers of excellence are created with the right intention, with unprecedented convenience brought by latest technology and abundant information, it can be instilled with the new purpose and develop the next practices. A high potential organization can make coherent use of various already known concepts and gradually open up to the best and next practices to identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form and transform it into differentiated business advantage by enforcing communication, fostering relationship-building, emphasizing participation, and realizing that they have to renew themselves periodically to grow, innovate and transform.

The importance of potential really depends on how & what the organization is utilizing potential for. Potential relates to the innate talent and capability whereas potentiality CoEs looks at people or their organizational system that can bring the company to the next level. They also need to scrutinize their organizational policies, processes, or practices to ensure they are updated to reflect the era we are in - we are at the intersection of knowledge and creativity economy. In reality, many talent management practices are attempts to follow a trend without enough preparation, knowledge or skill. Others adopt an authoritarian style that encourages people to game the system. It naturally gives people a sense of command and control management style and hierarchical structure. All of which bring the debating point to ponder how to develop talent and explore their potential, and create a business case for building a potentiality CoE to contribute to the long term business success.

There are varying indicators to assess the intrinsic capacity of human or organizational potential. Potential power is the combination of power of mindset, power of knowledge, power of competency, and power of learning/training. Altogether and combined, they provide a well-rounded assessment baseline of character and competency in-developing. Potential management needs to be an integral part of strategy, culture and talent management. Potentiality CoEs is one of the management practices to roll potentiality to performance and bring value to the long term organizational prosperity.


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