Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Great communicators deliver personalized messages with their unique style to persuade, inspire, and innovate, to break down silos in people's mind, emotional barriers in their heart.

We live in the complex, rapid change and hyper-diverse world, communication is much more complicated because there are differences in goals and contexts. These contexts can shift based on circumstances and communication personas. 

It is critical that communication needs to be personalized, directly related to your audience situation, how it affects them. It’s critical to communicate, challenge, debate, and learn, open dialogue to close blind spots and bridge cognitive gaps. Continuous, personalized, and consistent dialogues should replace the 'business as usual,” and “command-control” communication style to develop an open atmosphere and fortify cross-functional coordination based on information, expertise, and responsibility.

Personalized business relationship: Relationships are undeniably the root of all business. Business is changing and the need for networking is based on building relationships. Business relationships are critical to organizations both internally and externally. When there is a lack of communication, it is the lack of trust among people or lack of personalized business relationship with empathy. Good relationships with the right people make a business work. It does not necessarily take a lot of social interaction or face-to-face meetings to build personalized relationships. Instead, it’s about how to read each other’s mind, gain empathetic understanding, build trust and allow predictability and stability in the relationships.

The business relationship is part of what creates the exchange of goods or services for that profit with a positive experience or a negative experience. Without personalized business relationships, every communication perhaps only touches the surface, and every decision becomes an argument. The deeper the trust, the more valuable the relationship, the more effective communication could be. In business reality, there are varying business relationships such as peer/shareholder relationship, customer relationship, vendor relationship, etc. Therefore, either making communication or providing the solution, leaders and professionals should target the different audience, tailor their special needs in order to build up the long-term personalized relationship.

Personalized message: There are different business relationships and there are many ways to communicate. There are strategic presentations at the roundtable or the tough negotiations with vendors, heart to heart conversation with employees or touchy-feely chats with customers, etc. Our thoughts with clarity have intention to influence; our words have power to spread the message out. Personalized conversations matter to focus on convincing, persuasion and collaboration. Clarity of personalized messages are based on “empathy, effectiveness, enlightenment” communication principle.

We need to be mindful to ensure that our words have been understood in the same sense that we meant them, to reflect our thoughts and improve communication effectiveness. To deliver personalized messages, business leaders and professionals need to listen before talking, and understand others in order to be understood. It is not about what you say, it is what people hear; it is not what you speak or write, but about what we think and how to convey our thoughts fluently to minimize the chances of being misunderstood. Great communication enables effective problem-solving; it means to point out the issues or share the insight, but also be thoughtful to deliver personalized messages empathetically. Communication in the worldwide scope is about knowing how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, being able to facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and gain a profound understanding of the global business ecosystem.

Personalized style: Besides communication context, personalized communication style helps engage audiences, and enhance interactive relationships. Communication of bodily feelings in a modern society does not have to be 'in person,' but can be projected by various means of communication. When someone is sharing a thought with you, do you focus on what’s been told contextually and listen objectively with an open heart and mind. If your communication message is valuable, but the style is too conventional or tedious, perhaps people get distracted and do not capture the essence of the communication. Use the right language with the right style to fit your audience, gain mutual understanding. Listen, comprehend, and understand the people, the problems and the business they are part of, before embarking on any business initiatives.

Business communication is not for its own sake, it’s essential that the person communicating should also be equally aware of what he/she wants to communicate, how he/she communicates and above all ensure that he/she has communicated properly. Communication has truly occurred when the message is received and understood. Encourage people to speak, actively listen to what they say, engage in candid “giving and taking” communication. The emerging collaboration platforms and technologies are effective tools to break down communication barriers, rejuvenate traditional business communication with some fresh styles and flavors, to harness cross-functional interaction and collaboration.

One’s mind directs one’s communication attitudes and behaviors. People and organizations are becoming more interdependent with each other. It’s important to build a working environment in which different stakeholders can find their role in initiating empathetic communications, engaging in varying communication activities proactively; providing and giving feedback with mutual respect, negotiating back and forth professionally; coaching and learning interactively, etc. Great communicators deliver personalized messages with their unique style to persuade, inspire, and innovate, to break down silos in people's mind, emotional barriers in their heart, for solving problems large and small, and move humanity forward effortlessly.


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