Monday, September 20, 2021


In today's digital world with complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, all wisdom has some paradoxical themes.

The world becomes even more paradoxical, balance is a leverage for the problem-solving and in-depth understanding of economic and social systems. 

The paradox is like the two sides of the coin, they are not necessarily opposite, but complementary, to make it a whole. It is the result of two opposing truths existing side by side, which can be both right.

Being paradoxical indicates a profound understanding: Sometimes people confuse paradoxical with controversial; but to dig deeper; be controversial seams indicate inconsistency or illogic- why you agree with something, but disagree it later or you behave the opposite, etc. To dig deeper, being paradoxical is about understanding and agreeing with the complementary traits of things; of course you can like both black and white color; you can be both artistic and scientific, appreciate substances and styles. Thus, intellectual paradox indicates profound UNDERSTANDING - the mix of two words: UNDER & STAND: you scrutinize underneath; you stand up to oversee, for seeing things from different angles to gain a profound understanding.

It is the responsibility of each individual to examine themselves and to make sure they are open to true understanding. Paradoxical Intelligence is the type of wisdom which can be applied to break down the silo and lead to deep understanding. Professionals with high paradoxical intelligence are more objective, empathetic, and systematic, they can participate and collaborate, with the ability to listen, discern, analyze & synthesize, articulate the multifaceted situations with accuracy and make a fair judgment.

A paradoxical mindset can reframe the new box to spur creativity: There are creative people in almost every profession. Creativity is at the edge of consciousness and subconsciousness. Creative personality seems to be more colorful and paradoxical: knowledgeable and playful; confident and humble; artistic and scientific. Creative leap is the way to resolve any paradox by going up a level of abstraction and pursuing the upfolded truth. Creativity is such a desire that sends a true spark through, allowing one to see how all things can be both connected and or disconnected to create completely new forms and ideas dynamically.

Creativity is paradoxical because you need to take different angles to see things differently; you need to connect those seemingly unrelated dots to spark something fresh; creative ingredients are complimentary, with mixed, even the opposite flavors to make something unique. Creative people have paradoxical personalities, they not only take the conscious application of what they know, and at the same time stay open to the unknown, so creative thinking and knowledge can emerge. They are passionate and cool-headed; serious and playful; expressive and quiet, etc. So to build a creative workplace, it’s important to inspire paradoxical thinking, loose the overly restrictive rules, but set good policies to encourage calculated risk taking and experimenting new ways to do things.

Being paradoxical implies holism with paraconsistent logic: The paradoxical logic is to understand the sequence and consequence of the situations or scenarios based on paradoxical reasoning and multipath logic such as difference vs. similarity; difference vs complementarity; difference vs. compatibility; etc. It provides insight into interdependent components, emergent properties, and gains an accurate holistic understanding of the overall situation in order to solve problems holistically. In terms of “viewpoint,” one does often need to integrate different viewpoints; it is the integration of diverse or paradoxical viewpoints, and search for new viewpoints that are holistic.

As some complex problems simply do not have straightforward solutions, it’s important to gain a holistic view to refine or adjust the problem statement so that it can be approached piece by piece, without ignoring interdependence and taking a more thoroughly holistic approach. As human beings, we can engage in any idea using paraconsistent logic. A paradoxical mindset can strike the right balance of candor and diplomacy, logic and creativity; opportunity and risk, stability and change, etc., with the ability to strike the right balance for solving quite lots of complex problems holistically.

In today's digital world with complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, all wisdom has some paradoxical themes. Business leaders or professionals with high paradoxical intelligence can keep the state of psychological balance with the right dose of ego, see things from different angles and understand the situation profoundly in order to make effective decisions or craft better strategies based on the often overloaded information with contrary qualities.


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