Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Competency building requires character, determination, persistence, discipline, dedication and practice in the present and a continuum.

Competencies have been embraced around the world, as core practices, due to the huge skills gap among the workforce. To draw attention to the root meaning of the word, "competency," which probably comes from competition, to compete to be the best among the best.

Competencies usually emerge from a blend of mindsets, skills, and disciplines to take certain activities for making accomplishment. The reality is that many individuals may practice a profession for many years but have not matured their practices, lack of well-crafted differentiated competencies. How to strengthen your strength and build professional competencies.

Character and competency are two-sides of the same coin for improving high- professionalism: Character is based on authenticity - who you are inside, and competency comes from sharpening your strength and unleashing your potential. It seems everyone who considers authenticity has his or her own view of it. It is a construct formed in the mind and we know that the mind of every individual is different, the actual mental understanding and subsequent manifestations in action will be different for each individual. Thus we all have some inner strength, perhaps some weakness as well. Healthy competition wins via unique competency, while unprofessional competition is often based on negative emotions and actions, lack of character or authenticity.

We experience all kinds of situations good and bad in our lives that require moral courage to deal with. Capability developed based on character and natural talent via a series of activities and resources make people feel more confident and effortless. When they are authentic, being who they are, they can explore their inner strength and build unique competencies. Character based competency development makes sense because it's about how you can generate a specific energy in yourself to help consciously create the authentic impact you choose, discover your natural talent, not pretending to be someone else, investing in the best of breed capability and integrate them into cohesive and unique professional competency. You are a sophisticated human being because you demonstrate unique character and differentiated competency.

Competency is a combination of capabilities with a focus. Each of these same capabilities may be combined in different fashions to yield multiple competencies. Although we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover; more often than not, we need to make a judgement about professional capability maturity as now we live in a knowledge economy with fierce competitions. Every professional has their own journey of growth either personally or professionally based on their own perception, talent, life experience, training, and refinement. Professional capability is underpinned by various hard and soft factors such as talent, process, motivation, special training, etc to achieve capability coherence. Competency is a unique set of capabilities with focus. It is more related to knowledge and skill for particular work; as well as the performance and the outcome. There are cognitive competency, knowledge competency, or skill competency. All of those could be integrated into core competency to make professional achievement. .

Competencies are interrelated with the traits and experience. Neither one overshadows the other. Dynamic Capabilities are the strategic routines by which talented professionals achieve new resource configurations to adapt to changing environments, building their set of unique capabilities to fix emerging issues promptly. To truly build professional competencies, use the profiles and assess capability portfolios, to identify where the gaps in performance lie, "development, enhancement, and coaching" implies a better mindset, capture both the individual's and the organizational development needs, and take logical steps to achieve well-defined goals and reach the next level of the growth cycle.

Self disciplined to enhance competency management effectiveness: Everything consumes energy. Self-discipline is what supports that moral courage and allows us to act in the right manner and build professional competencies. You sense yourself and that's all you need to let your thoughts and behavior work to keep you motivated. Without discipline, you do not create a new state of awareness where the self is nourished through the experience of positivity and continuous self-development. Letting people explore where their energy is and then align the energy to work at hand and build their professional competency. A sustained motivation will further enforce self-discipline to keep skills updated and grow professional expertise.

Self-discipline is about disciplined thoughts. Thoughts are single pointed and focused on whatever you do to keep building professional capabilities. In fact, a high level of autonomy is the symbol of digital maturity at an individual, team, or organizational level to focus on the most important tasks, or long term goals, spend time and energy on strategic thinking and value-driven activities to develop a set of unique professional competencies that enable business professionals to create something new out of something existing, reaching the new horizon out of an old vision and making professional transcendence for reaching the next level of talent discovery, interdisciplinarity and autonomy.

Talent competency is the digital lens through which people managers can assess talent in a more strategic, analytical, and creative way. Competency building requires character, determination, persistence, discipline, dedication and practice in the present and a continuum. Professional competency development management, in essence, consists of a portfolio or matrix of capabilities that are used in various combinations to develop a unique and coherent set of professional competencies structurally for advancing career path and achieving invaluable outcomes.


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