Friday, September 10, 2021


 Ingenuity is at the edge of art and science, functioning and delight. 

Ingenuity is the ability to solve difficult problems, often in the original and creative way. Human ingenuity often involves some most complex multidimensional thought processes either individually and collectively. It is the qualification to be creative, insightful and inventive.

Ingenuity usually demands creativity as a mixed ingredient for puzzle-solving: Ingenuity implies solving problems effortlessly without following routines or conventional processes. Creativity is one of the most important ingredients in ingenuity. True creativity has an inner origin, suspends or defers judgment, keeps mind opening for new perspectives or knowledge. Sometimes, creativity demands the possibility of the wrong in order to be exploring in a free way.

Ingenuity means being original and fresh, having the ability to challenge assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs, and to be able to contemplate multiple, even conflicting views of a situation. Creative people always see the possibility in the world when most people only see the way that they have been told. Creative people can see old things in new ways from different angles; creative thinking and knowledge can emerge to come up with new solutions to existing or emerging problems.

Ingenuity is often connotated with insight or perception:
Being ingenious needs more understanding, not less. Although ingenuity seems effortless, there are many variables, factors, and connections involved for understanding things thoroughly and making decisions promptly. Even though now you have all the different angles to consider, they may look very different depending on your perspective. Insight is the act or result of understanding the inner nature of things or of seeing things intuitively. It is about penetrating- at the intersection of analytic and synthetic thought processes for sudden understanding of a complex problem or a tough situation in order to come up with a premium solution.

Insight is about seeing things via different angles, around the corner and beyond the obvious. Ingenuity is unconventional because being insightful cannot be told completely, it comes from each individual’s perception, understanding, connection, discernment, personal experience, or articulation, etc. Sometimes, you need to process so many connections depending on unusual analogies and chains of thought that might be completely new, then, come up with a great thing-ingenious solution to the long-waiting problem.

Ingenious solutions are usually inventive, evolutionary, sometimes revolutionary: Invention =conceptualization to developing something new, with the transformation of capital to a new product/process/idea, etc. From a problem-solving perspective, invention transforms challenges and problems into creative answers by designing or engineering something functioning, which did not exist before. Invention is a well-understood term at least legally as the novelty test is really black and white. It has to pass the proof of concept.

Analogously, invention is the creative storyline, invention is a picture snapshot. Ingenious solutions look bright, intuitive, as a product of imagination, inventive - have to do with creating something novel out of great ideas, it’s not only functioning, but progressive - with new or better features to make the work or life easier. You can create an impressive storyline or capture a vivid snapshot.

Ingenuity is at the edge of art and science, functioning and delight. It is one of the important human capabilities to bring evolutionary changes and even revolutionary breakthroughs. It’s a crucial ingredient along with the proactive attitude, the right dose of curiosity and confidence to develop the context of creative intelligence.


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