Sunday, September 12, 2021


In fact, we are in the paradigm shift - as our species is at a turning point that requires a significant adjustment in our evolutionary path to consciously discover who we are, and reach the superconscious state of who we could become.

Organizations and the world as a complex adaptive system requires an understanding of how the things have come together, being 'developed,” as well as how to keep refining and innovating. Our society and global world is forced to "grow out" of a paradigm because of changes in the physical world or other major shifts in daily reality. A new paradigm arises out of new knowledge, such as the age of enlightenment and customer-centricity.

A diverse society = Universe that holds systems in different contexts across different times and spaces: We live in a diverse society with multigenerational workforce, multi-culture, multipolar knowledge centers, and multidimensional innovation, etc. It requires us to be willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, broaden the perspective to fix misperceptions, and develop a more enriched profile that advocates inclusiveness, creativity, and progression. However, in reality, many leaders and professionals still hold the silo mentality and keep the old binary judgment habits in the industrial age; for many of them, things are either right or wrong; win or lose; the state is either blue or red, and the world is tediously colorless; such mindset is too rigid in the outlook and too narrow in understanding of complex societal contextualization. Whether we like it or not, as long as humans are unique, their mindsets, opinions, cultures, lives, and views etc, are equally unique and diversified.

Thus, effective global leaders and professionals must be open minded to appreciate all sorts of meaningful, tasteful, and informative things cross-boundary, through the temporal lens as well. We learn from the past, engage in the present time, envision and co-create the future together. It’s about how to get all the way around the world, to capture all relevant information, to see from different angles. Individually, we become more insightful by continually learning and refining our viewpoint as we live in the great time with abundant knowledge, and information only a click away. Collectively, the heterogeneous team with cognitive difference is more innovative than the homogeneous group setting, as good ideas are multi-dimensional, they take root in unsuspected places and they evolve with time and by unexpected connections. So our diverse society has a huge potential to become a highly innovative system in which all sorts of components and ingredients are dynamically mixed or integrated into sometimes interesting and creative ways to generate the art of difference and make a significant impact on societal evolution.

A holistic globe = a hyperconnected and interdependent world that need to be planned and thoughtfully renewed to reach such a state of dynamic balance: Compared to the industrial era with static information and restrictive borders or boundaries in the last century, today’s internet-based global world is much more hyper-connected and interdependent, and there are dynamic aspects: stacking of tolerances, variability, etc. Examination of a single part does not reveal the wholeness of parts. When things have reached such a level of complexity, you have to look more to the patterns of it, rather than the static views that most business practices, social/human science etc, are based on. However, very few people actually know how to conduct an inclusive holistic analysis of an entity as huge as our global world. Such inclusive analyses address all elements of the entity, including interfaces and interactions associated with, such as the human, organization, information/technology, and environment. The very goal of doing deep analysis is to lead into synthesis - how to bind things up or put things back again, more fitting for the larger purpose. The truth lies in interconnectivity and collaboration. Not what things are called but what things are doing together, having a focus, with the desired state.

In reality, the world by its very nature moves through a range of stability. You may find what that range is in ideal conditions; yet when putting it to a test in the nonlinear aspects of the system, it may not adapt as you think. It causes problems or series of problems later on. Science in the conventional sense is about taking reality apart, and then examining those parts. The art is about how to balance centralization and decentralization; generalization and specialization; leadership and management, etc, for thoughtfully planning and renewing our shared space to reach such a state of dynamic balance. Well rounded global leaders are in demand to focus on convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope; knowing how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, be able to facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and gain a profound understanding of the global business ecosystem for achieving high value and making leapfrog progression.

An organic world = an ecological and adaptive entity via a biological lenses with great purpose and varying characteristics to keep evolving
: The world is mechanical in the industrial age because business is running as functional silos to achieve efficiency. But the emerging digital era has an “organic” nature and self management themes. Individuals, organizations, and societies are struggling with fierce competitions or unexpected disruptions. .What now has to be understood are the complex dynamics of the ecosystem within which the organizations are competing and with which they are unavoidably entangled. The deep problem that reveals is to understand what are the evolutionary pathways implied by switches we don't understand or understand the potential of, to shape the next level of coopetition. Perhaps a biological mindset that can dig deeper into such living organisms and the context of their environment, will have an advantage in generating new ideas that supplants the existing set of meanings or understandings, connecting more dots or rearranging some misplaced puzzle pieces, for debunking the myth of such complex adaptive worlds masterfully.

In fact, we are in the paradigm shift - as our species is at a turning point that requires a significant adjustment in our evolutionary path to consciously discover who we are, and reach the superconscious state of who we could become. There must be enough autonomy to keep all subsystems flourishing, functioning, and self-organizing. We no longer compete for everything, we compete for becoming the best we could be based on our vision and circumstances. Wherever it may lead to, wherever it came from, confidence-outside and humbleness-inside; creative mentality and courageous spirit; knowledge savvy and ingenuity-led , are all great combination for us to reach the next level of maturity, as a global professional is not only fully functioning, but also self-actualized.

Success in the digital world demands both incremental improvement and transformative breakthrough. We can't just look behind, because we can't affect the past even if we can learn from it. We can't look ahead only, as we'll repeat past mistakes. The organic individual, organization or the world is a “living” thing and purposeful, only through healthy competition and meaningful collaboration, we can unlock our collective potential and lead to the change we all desire to be.


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