Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Today’s leading organizations are increasingly exhibiting varying characteristics such as responsiveness, vibrancies, intelligence in various shades and intensity.

The organization as a whole is more about people, process and technology integrated into a set of business capabilities for achieving business results at both strategic and operational level either consciously or subconsciously. With high velocity and unprecedented uncertainty, the future of the workplace will be shaped by changes that take place in the way people relate to themselves and to the experience of their environment and others around them. 

There are so many things going on nowadays, one of the critical concerns is to understand where and how you can and should improve to get the biggest effect and scale-up across the digital ecosystem effortlessly.

Multifaceted perspectives unfold into a wider multi-dimensionally enhancing business growth & balance continuum: The business world is diverse, nonlinear, and ambiguous today, the organizational management needs to ponder: how to design organizations to maintain viability, explore multiple perspectives (business model, structure, capability/capacity/grc)on improving business agility, flexibility and deliver tactical actions for strategic effect, given evolving feedback signals due to adaptive complexity in its environment? It's about developing or refining business models, creating a structure that continually delivers what the business needs and takes further steps to maximize business potential and unlock business performance. The most powerful of processes involves tapping the organization's ecosystem for the collective perspectives/insights of those who know intimately their parts of the system.

Therefore, business management today needs to be interdisciplinary and informative, the interdisciplinary science can be applied to digital management which involves engineering, design, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc, for practicing nonlinear thinking and holistic problem-solving by experimenting new methodologies and practices. The goal of enhancing collective leadership is to develop the holistic management capacity for holding alternative mind-generated possibilities simultaneously and complementarity, and then use various criteria to compare and contrast them against unfolding reality. That is required for adaptive management in complex circumstances for fine-tuning organizational performance to achieve higher than expected business results.

Interrelationship orchestration is instrumented by managing multi-layer and multi-dimensional business relationships: There are multi-layer relationships business leaders need to manage such as business peer/shareholder relationship, customer relationship, vendor relationship, etc. Organizations today are at the crossroads where silos of business functions across the aisles need to work with each other respectively. Good relationships with the right people make a business work. The bottom line-relationships do matter. Organizational management should target the different audience, tailor the special needs in order to build up the long-term emphatic relationship.

Organizations will reach the next level of business maturity when each part of the business can collaborate synchronously to achieve common goals timely. But from a management perspective, how would the business or its parts know it needs to change itself? How would it or its parts know what to change? It is intended to be, thereby facilitating the planning and communicating of business change initiatives for integrating and orchestrating business transformation. Business relationships in business need to be considered in a different context. From a customer management perspective, the relationship is part of what creates the exchange of products/services for that profit with a positive or negative experience. From a people management perspective, the type of the business where the relationship might be a make or break situation is generally where you rely on someone's expertise for mutual benefit. By instrumenting all critical business relationships well, organizations across industries can become more outside-in and people-centric.

Hybrid truths are uncovered from coopetition perspective:
We are what we continue thinking and doing, a set of life experiences with a series of actions. To make a progressive movement and advance humanity, leaders today are encouraged to leverage multiple disciplines, look for an experience of truth, the unfolding of wisdom by those who have gone beyond conventional thinking or traditional management disciplines. In the organizational setting, the daily “busyness” of the company is based on their activities of competition or collaboration, some are constructive, some are negative. The more effortlessly the management can align, integrate, and optimize the important business factors inside an organization, the closer they can accelerate performance and lead changes.

Organizations all face fierce competitions and an ambiguous digital environment internally or externally. Organizations need to be loose to deal with the high business velocity and the riptide of changes, and fit for adapting to changes. In reality though, too often transformational change acts on the basis of improving one part of an organization at the expense of other parts of the organization, will stifle innovation and decelerate the speed of change. Healthy competition is important for either change or innovation. Coopetition (cooperation + competition) is perhaps the right tone for running a highly energetic and highly collaborative digital business. The great leaders need to contemplate on how to leverage energy in a more meaningful way; not for beating down the competitors, but for living with purpose, and making high achievements. Ultimately, competition or cooperation can be used for a greater purpose/cause to elevate individuals, organizations, as well as the entire society.

Today’s leading organizations are increasingly exhibiting varying characteristics such as responsiveness, vibrancies, intelligence in various shades and intensity. People are always at the center of the focus for leading changes and orchestrating a real-time, collaborative and harmonized organization for reaching its superconsciousness and higher maturity.


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