Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Psychologically, innovativeness is a state of mind that combines restless dissatisfaction with the current state coupled with the excitement to find innovative solutions that will produce great results.

Being innovative is about thinking differently, acting differently, and adding value differently for solving problems creatively. Innovativeness is a state of mind. 

From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent in our genes to generate creative energy, and unleash unlimited potential to drive progression.

Inquisitiveness: Be inquisitive to ask open and thought-provoking questions connecting the dots to spark imagination. Inquisitiveness is a very characteristic of innovativeness because an inquisitive mind with confidence does not accept things at face value and keep discovering a better or an alternative solution by questioning “Why, Why not, Who, Who not, Where, Where not, What, What not, When, When not, How, and How not.” In fact, being innovative is all about disrupting outdated thinking and old ways to do things, such as silo, status quo, dysfunction, complication, rigidity, or bureaucracy, etc.

Inquisitiveness leads to the vision, vision further drives inquisitiveness to see things differently. The great question is beautiful and insightful, to connect the similar-mindset and appreciate the complementary mind as your team to come up with their own answers to solve a problem or address an issue. Nowadays, leadership is more about orchestration, rather than command-control. The leader simply coaches the team along the way, including asking more questions as necessary. By doing so, you've led them to easily buy-in on the direction to follow.

Entrepreneurism: People with an entrepreneurial mindset demonstrate forward thinking, action oriented decisiveness, they often can solve problems more innovatively. Many leaders and professionals are trapped by conventional thinking in many traditional organizational settings. Intrapreneur leaders are open-minded and confident to take the path perhaps no one ever took before, and be resilient to fail fast and forward. Entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, scientists and other breakthrough minds have become entangled when facing overwhelming information flow or process rigidity. It’s the innovative leadership vision and philosophy to set them free; so they could freely sail away and break down some outdated stuff, and create something fresh,

An entrepreneur’s view is usually positive, dynamic, creative, flexible, and resilient, as they need to fail fast, and fail over. An open mind is one that holds onto its beliefs while being prepared to consider other perspectives or alternative solutions. Innovative entrepreneurs can reimagine the future, articulate and share their perspectives on how to get problems solved to create value, bring back new designs that they might not even recognize using the current context, and rejuvenate organizational culture via creative energy flow. In/entrepreneurism is a critical characteristic of innovativeness.

Plasticity: Exponential growth of information is the new normal and abundant knowledge is only a click away. Brain plasticity is the neuro-cognition ability that involves exploring varieties of meanings/thoughts, abandoning old connections, and establishing new relations to trigger creativity. A mind with learning plasticity is able to absorb all necessary knowledge and adjust its thinking processes according to changes in its environment, for solving problems innovatively.

Creative disruption acts as a catalyst for business growth and innovation. Growth is not possible unless people are willing to move out of their comfort zone and demonstrate learning plasticity to continually grow and innovate. Whatever we sense as a human being, there is a methodology behind that: see it - sense it -> get it processed in the brain -> react. Business leaders and professionals with learning plasticity can apply the acquired knowledge and lessons learned to succeed in new situations, and to connect wider dots for sparking creativity.

There are many characteristics of innovativeness. Psychologically, innovativeness is a state of mind that combines restless dissatisfaction with the current state coupled with the excitement to find innovative solutions that will produce great results. Innovators present creatively disruptive traits, disrupt old ways, and inspire better ways to do things. They are passionate to connect, to learn, to explore by understanding our commonalities, and appreciating our uniqueness. Isn’t the right timing for us to step into the era of innovation by awakening untapped inquisitiveness, facilitating large-scale collaboration and unlocking a significant amount of collective potentiality.


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