Sunday, September 12, 2021

Unify via Communication

The great communicators are the high-quality leaders or professionals who can communicate objectively with strong logic, clarity, and understanding.

The great communicators are the high-quality leaders or professionals who can communicate objectively with strong logic, clarity, and understanding; the great communicators are the great artists who are fluent in creative expression or metaphorical description. 

Communication is both art and science. How to set principles and develop practices to improve communication effectiveness and build communication competency?.

                     Unify via Communication

Initiatenegotiation We should do a significant amount of “negotiation” to make agreements and keep things moving forward with an intention to make “win-win” possible. Negotiation is one of the most critical professional communication activities all over the globe. At the negotiation table, everything is dynamic, some are under control, some perhaps not, there is no “one size fits all” approach to make a good deal. Good negotiators are good communicators, great negotiators...

Understandingthevalue ofinclusiveness Contemporary organizations have the very characteristics of interdependence, hyper diversity, and information exponentiality. The challenge is to get people to recognize how inclusion improves communication, engagement, and retention, etc. However, many people in the workplace don't really understand the true power and potential of inclusion. There are plenty more questions one can ask to illustrate the importance of inclusion and it’s important to have an intentional strategy in place to not only increase awareness but to link the power of inclusion to key business initiatives and team effectiveness.

Innerempathy Empathy is the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person's feelings; or the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. Empathy is the key to great leadership allowing you to speak to a person from the space they stand, not where you think they should be.

Uncovertruthviaarguments The world is still full of arguments geographically, scientifically, economically, politically, and religiously. Arguments are indeed healthy and proof we are alive. You don’t need to completely agree with the other side's viewpoint, but you can always gain empathy, insight and a new perspective….

We live in this world with abundant thoughts and enrichment of words.. Mind shapes who we are cognitively, words brand us with a personal style essentially. Without clarity, thoughts could be illogical, irrational or irrelevant; without clarity, words are distracted, dilutionary, and disengaging…

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