Thursday, May 19, 2022


 It is a healthy business life cycle to identify key points for expediting changes, improving how the enterprise works and interacts with its ecosystem, with people at the center of its focus.

Digital means flow - mind flow, information flow and business flow with a change management continuum. It is true that information technology grows exponentially to trigger a paradigm shift. 
The effective data/information management enables the digital organizations to build dynamic capability for idea creation, selection, prioritization and improve the success rate of strategy management. 

Forethoughtful organizations need to have “sense & sensitivity,” feeling the data to diagnose the business issues at varying key points for leading transformational changes step-wisely.

Identify the management’s decision point in key strategic issues
: Decisions are based on information and generate information, a decisive mindset is data-enriched and information-empowered. Effective decision making, especially at the strategic level, needs to blend both information and intuition; methodology and practice. Thus, information contextualization helps business leaders or professionals understand information from different perspectives, and share information across functions to improve decision maturity.

How deep your understanding is based on the mindset, logic, knowledge, lenses, and the methodology, you leverage to interpret things. If there's a lack of quality information and holistic understanding, the business intends to solve symptoms but cause more problems later on; that significantly distracts the business management from implementing a good strategy to accelerate performance. The decision is necessary as a result of limited resources in time, knowledge, capital, and people. Due to an ever-evolving dynamic business environment, time is a critical factor in decision-making scenarios, you do not and can’t afford to defer the decision until such time that all facts and information are available. Strong leaders can strike the right balance of analysis and intuition to make strategic decisions effectively and improve strategy execution success rate.

Identify the touch point to engage employees and improve productivity: Digital workforce today is more global, flexible, inclusive, and virtual in the hyper-connected and interdependent world. Everyone has a certain talent; the point is how to fit the right talent to the right position at the right time. Workforce analysis helps to identify the touch point to engage, develop employees, identify the talent with the right attitude and aptitude, identify each and every person's talent and tailor the right talent to the right position at the right time to solve the right problems.

Organizations use social platforms and collaboration tools to communicate, learn, and grow, engaging diverse and intellectual workforce in brainstorming and co-solving problems. Employees become engaged and maintain a level of engagement, doing social analysis helps to develop a digital talent pipeline, improve effective communication and collaborative innovation. Employee engagement is about productivity. Employee experience is defined by the touch points, in which businesses leave an impression on those who keep learning agile and use their talent; the more productive over time, the deeper and quite possibly the more meaningful of workforce analysis.

Identify customers’ pain point and how to optimize customer life cycle management: The digital era upon us is about people-centricity. Customer-centricity is the description of the nature of the priorities in the organizations today. Each customer will have different needs and expectations throughout the journey of customer experience. Companies can provide input into a qualitative assessment and consider customer-centric services, processes, information, assets, people, etc, so the company needs to understand their pain points, provide tailored solutions to fit their needs empathetically.

Information Management makes information available and useful, exert lots of intelligence, do data analytics, look for customer insights for delivering personalized solutions consistently. Information Technology is the integrator and superglue to recombinant dynamic business capabilities for digitizing touch points of customer experience, accelerating the business capability development cycle to unlock business performance.

Identify leverage point when bridging strategy and execution:
Information is an organizational asset and resource. Information nowadays is the most time-intensive piece of strategy management; information synchronization across boundaries with real-time information delivery can create synergy for strategy execution. That information and focus must be apparent throughout the organization. The real-time information can bring business insight and foresight, enable organizations to see the future clearly; enhance businesses competency to improve strategy execution.

Information flow cross-functionally helps to achieve the visibility of strategy management and provides a viable pathway into process optimization and dynamic competency in enabling strategy implementation. Strategy-execution synchronization can catalyze the flow of the right information to the right people at the right time to coordinate, enhance the smooth alignment process of people, process, technology, to ensure all organizational actions are directed to execute strategy, tactics, and risks for achieving common strategic goals and objectives.

Identify the tipping point to inspire the culture of innovation & change management: Culture is collective mindset, attitude, and behaviors. It is reflected and influenced by policies, practices, rewards and incentives. There are very progressive organizations in which information technology sparks organizational creativity, and flexibility is an essential characteristic of the business systems. Organizations can become more innovative to achieve high performance by leveraging powerful digital platforms and technologies, harnessing cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement.

Information is critical to assess, reinvent corporate culture as building a culture-savvy organization is important for the long term success of the business. Traditional culture assessments generally describe the "behavior" rather than an underlying, and in most cases unconscious mind behind it. Encourage staff to collect quality information, understand the different culture patterns, so they can change their collective mindset and behaviors. The goal is to ensure the organization can cultivate a culture that reveals the organizational value, aligned with the strategy and facilitates long term business success.

Identify the inflection point to take advantage of the emerging information and technology:
Inflection point is the moment when the way business is being conducted changes more radically. It creates new opportunities for businesses that adept at executing an operation. Forward thinking companies can leverage emerging information technology to reach inflection point in accelerating change in the life cycle of a business when its fundamentals such as people, process, technology, or culture are about to change to reach the next level of agility.

Digitalization and globalization imply the full-scale changes in the way business is conducted so that simply adopting a new digital technology may be insufficient. Inflection is the moment to be paranoid, it's the time to be more aggressive to expedite and also the time to be more cautious to avoid pitfalls. When the organization becomes more people-centric with satisfied customers, engaged employees and evolved business partners, it is reaching the inflection point for accelerating digital transformation.

Companies are gradually opening up to the next practices to improve business maturity. It is a healthy business life cycle to identify key points for expediting changes, improving how the enterprise works and interacts with its ecosystem, with people at the center of its focus, mixing the “hard” and “soft” business ingredients accordingly for building up differentiated competency, close the gaps of the industrial age and the new digital era, stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation.


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