Tuesday, May 24, 2022


We all have talents each on our own, with an integral people management approach, we would be able to use our talents and capability for the betterment and further unleash collective potential.

Due to the increasing speed of change, the exponential growth of information, and abundant knowledge, there's a disconnect between short-term staff needs and long term talent perspectives. It’s an organization's commitment to effectively manage the flow of talent to achieve organization’s goals and investing in people to ensure long term business advantage.

Know your talent in and out, analyze talent pipeline, develop workforce analytic competency: In any organization, opinions of a person do not just weigh on titles, but how effective a person is in their respective role within the organization, their talent, performance and potentiality, their responsibility and the accountability to fulfill their responsibility. There is a digital way to identify talent -hiring character, raw intelligence, growth mind and recombinant capability: There is a two-step scenario to put the right people in the right positions to solve right problems. First: it’s sourcing, with an expanded talent pool. and second: it’s recruitment process with an unconventional approach. Both can be time taking if a company just relies on traditional ways. If you can make any of these two more innovative and efficient, your problem can be solved seamlessly.

Build workforce analytic competency by preparing the coming skill shift and developing the desired talent competency. Due to the overwhelming growth of information, shortened knowledge cycle, fierce competitions, frequent disruptions, today’s digital professionals need to develop versatile talent and differentiated capabilities to produce high performance results and amplify their professional influence. The one thing to differentiate talented people (either high performance or high potential) from mediocrity is mindset, which further drives attitude. Besides skill fluency, talented people should be selected by the most advanced mindset. The talented managers must work with the right mindset to recreate an inclusive organization in which talented professionals can become sophisticated decision makers, capable problem solvers and innovative influencers to deal with tough issues effectively with every dip in the business life cycle.

Nurture creativity and reinvent new knowledge, the talented employees are limited only by their imagination: 
Every professional has their own journey for growth either personally or professionally based on their own perception, inner talent, knowledge, life experience, training, and refinement. So people need to feel that leaders show empathy to understand their concerns, particularly in tough times; recognize their talent and contribution to the organizations. Talent management evolves varying hard business factors such as processes, functions, structures, technologies, and soft elements such as communication, culture, leadership, etc, takes an interdisciplinary approach to realize the business vision by unlocking collective potentials.

Talented people are encouraged to discover their own purpose and strength, aligned with the business purpose. Talent management professionals have already risen to the occasion with “big picture” in mind, open up cross-disciplined dialogs, optimize dynamic processes in ways that perhaps were not possible before, eliminate numerous obstacles on the way, provide coaching and guidance, make an influence so that the talent employees are limited only by their imagination.

Cross-functional collaboration helps to fuel ideas and contribution:
Human Capital is always the largest intangible asset of a company which has to keep investing, nurturing, and growing to ensure the long term prosperity of the business. Analytics based talent management can help in multiple dimensions for adding value in the way businesses recruit, retain, and nurture the talent; unleashing collective human potential for the business's long term prosperity. You need to discuss the types of talent needed to stretch your thinking, embrace talented people who have diverse backgrounds in multiple dimensions, such as cognitive difference, character, education, life experience, work experience, culture intelligence, interests, etc, to improve innovation competency of the organization.

Human Capital is about potential, if unleashed, can transcend the organization to reach the next level of maturity. There’s uncertainty and risks in the art of unlocking talent. Often resource management becomes a bottleneck for developing talent and unleashing potential. Still, workforce development is a long term investment. The purpose of the training is to catalyze long-term talent development through collaboration and effective communication. It should also be clear how the company will invest in developing their human capital since the organization will benefit significantly. People enjoy working if they are engaged, feel trustful, and make accomplishments.

We all have talents each on our own, with an integral people management approach, we would be able to use our talents and capability for the betterment and further unleash potential. Digital organizations are organic systems with integrated management processes being developed that help to build a cohesive set of business capabilities, to reach high performance in the long run.


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