Saturday, May 7, 2022


Isn’t a tough journey to celebrate #9000 blog postings in pursuit of the digital way to brainstorming, innovating and sharing…

We live in the “VUCA” digital era now, today’s digital workforce is hyper-diverse and sophisticated with information abundance and digital fluency. Are today’s business leaders or managers really “powerful” enough to lead effectively?

 Leadership is about bridging today and the future. The vision and intention of becoming a leader are to facilitate and encourage change, as change is often an uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching the next level of collective progress. Leaders=vision + direction +influencing capabilities.

A leader holds the vision to lead the transformation, sees things differently, seeks to change proactively: A leader develops future direction by observing trends, focusing outward scanning the horizon, looking for future opportunities or possible perils. inspiring people by saying “let’s make impossible possible.” Thus, they should demonstrate a clear vision, which is high enough to challenge their people to excel, also practical enough to fulfill, and take their organization through the necessary steps to achieve that clarified vision.

Visionary leaders present authenticity - being who they are, without being distracted or discouraged by others’ outdated perception; dare to unleash their potential without being overly limited by conventional wisdom; open minded to perceive others objectively and make sound judgment without unconscious biases in this ever fast changing digital dynamic.

A leader asks why and what, working through the context across the boxes to inspire alliance: Leaders take a bold step forward and challenge themselves to derive the best of a given situation. They shape the new box of thinking; set strategic guidelines & policy, craft a good strategy, and lead superior execution. They inspire, influence, and innovate, leading via personal influence, to drive high performance results via pulling the right talent and optimizing resource management. Leaders take a bold step forward and challenge themselves to derive the best of a given situation, and build success through employee commitment.

Leadership is about change and problem-solving. One reason context is critical is that it defines the problem. Understanding context is often the first and the important step in defining a right problem, creating the relevant context to make a more lasting solution. Insightful leaders sometimes need to help design a new context, and objective, that will enable them to pull new approaches out of all of the tools and contexts that have emerged as a result of the combined knowledge and experience of mankind. A great leader or coach should have an abundance mindset, walk through the context across the boxes to inspire alliance and collaborative problem-solving.

A leader focuses on goals of innovation, sets standards of excellence, creates value & quality:
A great leader does not want to experience inertia; it is absolutely necessary for leaders to create discomfort and get others thinking differently and change proactively. One of the leadership capacities is to get people out of their comfort zone to meet challenges, learn new skills and develop their differentiated capabilities, observe how people are and how they interact with the goal, as well as know how to motivate multi-generational and multicultural workforce through inspiration influence, develop team cohesion and synergy to create values & quality.

Being a leader means giving people confidence on where to go based on a clear vision, and how to get there, supporting them and stretching them to live to their full potential individually, or as members of a high performing team. Leadership, in this case, is not just a matter of traits—persona, tough-mindedness, or bottom-line thinking, but about vision, direction, alignment, and inspiration, developing a purpose and future perspective, bringing together people in a common and committed effort, and moving people in the right direction despite numerous obstacles on the way.

With “VUCA” reality, business models and technologies are changing very rapidly, the future business is very complex. Greatness is what you overcome. The difficult situations, challenges, problems, all those things that make you suffer lead you to greatness if you could overcome and learn from them. Everyone in the leadership team has a gift and therefore, they must navigate through complexity based on the visions, and innovation to define more than one way to achieve the business goals from the long term perspectives and inspire people to achieve high performance with continuous deliveries.


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