Wednesday, May 25, 2022


'Change' is continuously happening and spiraling up in such a dynamic environment, especially the large well-established corporations and within that environment.

With high velocity, unprecedented uncertainty, information exponentiality, and fierce competition as the reality, digital enterprises are inherently complicated. Change is the new normal either individually or at the organizational scope. The ability to change and business adaptability directly decide the organization’s long-term competency.

 The highly intensive changes do not happen in isolation from each other in predictable ways, but act as a complex system feeding, amplifying and ameliorating change effects. Companies with strong changeability will get very great chances and opportunities to change the business in many fields, and lift up the organization to the next cycle of growth and maturity.

Drive change from mindset to attitude to behavior: Usually people are the center of changes. Vision is more than a destination, it is the way people envision change and look at things. Develop change capability in those who'll help to drive and deliver the change, also consider the ability of those impacted by the change. Managing change as a continuum means that it is not sufficient to just change people’s attitude or control their behaviors manually because you can’t manipulate how they think. If you can’t change their mindset, the change result won’t be sustainable, and the old habit will come back soon.

The differentiator is that people embrace change if they understand the value adding to them. The factor to the “transformational change” and its further “championing” has been the endless self-exploration and self-transformation in the material, emotional, intellectual dimensions that make a big leap in the journey of digital transformation. It is people’s understanding and perspectives of the result of change that will shape one’s mind, trigger the positive psychology, and drive one to behave in one way or another. Besides behavior changes, there are tactical changes such as updating technologies, optimizing processes, and making continuous change deliveries.

Integrate organizational design into the process design and re-engineering
: It presupposes the ability of each link to articulate their strategic intent. The pace of change is accelerated both in businesses and society; either as an individual or an organization, structural changes may be necessitated based on the extent and spread of re-design of processes. The process, structure, behavior, and self-interest of individuals and groups -all these factors interact in a dynamic, not just the human cost or the human resource to fill a specific spot mechanically.

Re-designed processes may require behaviors that may be again out of the comfort zone. It has to be implemented systematically and communicate democratically, and integrate the loosely coupled functions into business change competency. It is important to establish change principles that inform and support the way in which an organization sets about managing changes effectively, apply cross-disciplinary knowledge, take a structural approach to making radical changes in the underlying processes and functions and sustain change effects.

Accelerate end-to-end change performance
: The perspective of change unfolds into a wider multi-dimensionally systemic business continuum, which would perhaps invoke further reflections of the focal scope and purpose of changes, as well as the generic perspective of running a dynamic business. Change Management shouldn’t be a conundrum, to make change sustain, the important thing is "end-to-end" performance.

Change can be an opportunity, at the end of the day, it needs to be all about unlocking business performance by moving the business number upwards and achieving calculable business results. To keep the change wheel spinning, improve change effectiveness with “end to end” performance, it’s critical to motivate and reward good behaviors, discourage bad ones because people’s behavior usually responds to how they are measured.

'Change' is continuously happening and spiraling up in such a dynamic environment, especially the large well-established corporations and within that environment. To move from one level to another level of changes maturity requires step-function changes in tools, culture, leadership, and process, and make the change as a differentiated business competency,


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