Saturday, May 14, 2022


The balanced scorecard of potentiality management offers a visual way for a corporation to gain a wider perspective on its strategic decisions for unleashing collective potentiality.

Performance keeps the lights on today; potential moves the business to the next level. To unlock business performance, there's one crucial clarification in executive leadership: Are you intending to evaluate the collective potential to change or innovate? Who are your high potential leaders or professionals? Can you explore the system potential of the organization to unlock the performance of the future? Etc.

 A potentiality management scoreboard provides the business management a holistic view of the progress of potentiality development by considering the impact on finances, processes, and people-centricity.

Scoreboard of talent investment to improve people management effectiveness: People are human assets and capital. Potential relates to the innate and developed capability. The potential is an investment, employees with potential haven't performed to the level where there is actual performance in all the areas desirable. Thus, talent analytics is crucial to put the right people in the right position, build a highly competitive digital workforce, and unleash collective potentiality.

Talent analytics will bring business leaders together across the organization to share their experience and insight wherever there is a gap in the business system, identify competency gaps, and make wise investments. A talent potentiality scoreboard focuses on individual capabilities and potential to change, innovate and achieve high performance in the future. The indicators to assess the intrinsic capacity of individuals such as cognitive abilities to think logically; interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to solve problems effectively, the learning plasticity to grow into the new role faster by developing relevant competencies.

Scoreboard of feedback to unlock collective potential: The strategic goals of effective feedback management helps not only to act but aids to feedforward. Thus, it directly impacts the future of business upon unlocking an individual, team or organization’s potential. Eventually, feedback should always be genuinely precise, proper and substantive. The feedback scorecard was developed to try to recognize the valuable and distinguish voices in your organization, encourage employees to become change agents or innovators by interacting with customers or inspecting business processes/capacities.

A feedback management scoreboard is a visual tool which allows the management to engage the great feedback for improvement, optimize business functional structures, culture, processes to unlock business potential. It is also very useful for facilitating discussions, brainstorming great ideas, and exploring collective potential to solve problems innovatively. It helps the management focus on the most important things and practice holistic (performance + potential) management in a structural way.

Scoreboard of systems potentiality:
Every organization is a system, the system has emergent properties and keeps evolving. Thus, they have significant potential to grow and improve. The potential is an investment, improving revenue and catalyzing business growth. The business needs to continually discover its inner strength, explore its potential, build its differentiated competency based on the well-balanced digital capability portfolio. Potentiality management is not an isolated management discipline. At the executive level, potential management should get the management to sit down and connect multidisciplinary management dots and ensure the business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

Exploring our vision from unleashing human potential to system potential helps to create common rationale, engenders new perspectives, accomplish multiplexing tasks, and unlock the collective potential of the business ecosystem. A balanced scorecard of system potentiality makes the strategic balance, the management can become more confident and accurately judge the coming curves and obstacles on the path, to unleash organization potential in a creative, positive and proactive way.

The scorecard helps you a lot when it is in execution mode, not in the paper mode. The key variable in actively using a Balanced Scorecard is always the attitude and culture of the organizations, the leadership traits of decision makers. The balanced scorecard of potentiality management offers a visual way for a corporation to gain a wider perspective on its strategic decisions for unleashing collective potentiality by considering the impact on finances, key success factors of the business, employee engagement and satisfaction.


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