Tuesday, May 10, 2022


The best way to discover potentiality is to discover what people are capable of doing by following their insights, intuitions, and imagination while at the same time keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

Abundant knowledge, modern digital technologies bring unprecedented levels of convenience for people to learn and work, and improve their professional skills continually. 

In face of fierce competitions and frequent disruptions, forward-looking organizations should feel blessed if they have their employees who are motivated to utilize their full potential, helping the business to build long-term advantages.

High potential people are intellectually curious, with a strong desire to learn and expand their horizon:
The knowledge cycle is significantly shortened due to faster change and information exponentiality, people need to keep learning, to ride above the learning curve, and explore their potentiality. It starts with an open mind full of intellectual curiosity and fresh eyes having a broader vision, putting the right people in the right positions, developing them from “who they are,” to “who they could be.”

The majority of people are comfortable 'thinking' today versus 'outside the box'; performance driven, rather than spending sufficient time on learning and unlocking potential. A friendly working environment like the melting pot to inspire professional growth, creativity, encourage free thinking & experimenting, stimulate intellectual curiosity, continuous learning and progression.

Individuals showing potential are distinguished usually by their mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, learning more rapidly than their peers: Potential is about future performance. The management needs to make an objective assessment of their workforce by asking: How well does the individual continue to perform and grow in their current roles, how likely are they to take on new challenges at work, rapidly learn and grow into next-level roles, or roles that are expanded and redefined as business changes? Who are those change agents or innovators to reinvent corporate cultures and drive transformative changes? The power of collective potentiality can be unleashed to create multifaceted value; harness innovation and knowledge creation.

It’s important to build a creative working environment in which the talented employees can grow and innovate, unleash their own potential and the business potential. Self-motivated people can work independently with minimal interference and guidance so that they can learn updated knowledge, think in new ways and leverage "out of the box" techniques to enhance growth for themselves as individuals and for the company per se.

High potentials have demonstrated consistent strategic insight or technical abilities and have future potential to lead and make a big impact:
Potential is the ability and interest to take on more responsibilities in the future which is displayed by their thought leadership or exemplified behavior. People with high potential are often able to think strategically, demonstrate knowledge proficiency, technical and business acumen, creativity, logic or deep analysis skills. They are learning agile, feel comfortable to swim in the information sea, adapting to changes in the dynamic business environment smoothly.

There is intense learning and continuous knowledge update for professionals, thus, learning agility is even more important than knowledge itself. High potentials with the right attitude can develop professional attitude, capabilities, skills, intelligence, be able to think, learn new knowledge, and relate what they have known in the past to the new circumstances for solving complex problems smoothly.

The best way to discover potentiality is to discover what people are capable of doing by following their insights, intuitions, and imagination while at the same time keeping their feet firmly on the ground. In order to tap your potential, investigate your passion, discover your strength, define and develop capabilities, build your expertise and reputation by establishing yourselves as a very strong reputation in a particular topic area. In fact, the progress of the world is pushed forward by a select few who leverage broad and diverse talents to unleash collective potential.


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