Monday, May 16, 2022


 Individually, have a greater self-awareness, fresh perspectives and the pleasure of knowing we are all wonderfully unique. Collectively, different organizations have different strengths and competency to innovate.

A new paradigm arises out of progressive mindsets, abundant information, updated knowledge, intelligent processes, and structural approaches. Technically, innovation involves new ways of bringing together ideas and resources to create something novel, and then transform those novel ideas to realize commercial value. 

To manage innovation, it’s critical to see what is behind if you want to see where you are going, and never lose your visibility forward.

Innovation & Competition: Without innovation, there would be no technology advancement and transformative progress. Without good competition, there would be no premium choices and intellectual stimulation to catalyze innovation. Competition is part of the genetic bias of every living thing in nature as a survival-seeking mindset. If you have two or more ideas, you have competition to pick the best one for achieving high value. Healthy competition is innovation-intensive and progress-driven. From a business management perspective, identify healthy competition from unhealthy one. Due to silo thinking and internal competitions, some innovation initiatives distract the business from effective strategy execution.

Without a clear vision, competition is short-sighted; without a good intention and great purpose, competition becomes part of the causes of negative culture, and turns out to be a severe social problem. Without talent and capability, competition becomes meaningless finger pointing or office politics. If humanity focused on rising all up, unleashing potential, we would not have unhealthy competition as we would look for the greater good and betterment of humanity. The management should empower people to take initiatives, team up, without constant distractions or unhealthy internal competitions. Encourage healthy debates to spur creativity; giving everyone a voice about how the organization and the people in it can prosper and thrive, amplifying collective creativity.

Innovation & Navigation:
Nowadays, innovation can happen anywhere, anytime, often at the intersection of people and process; customers and business, etc. Innovation today is complex, perhaps you need to navigate across knowledge domains, functional boundaries, geographical territories, or vertical industries. It's important to craft a good innovation strategy, build a powerful innovation navigation system that involves tapping the organization's ecosystem for capturing opportunities to innovate, and develop their differentiated long-term innovation competency systematically.

Corporations are facing daunting tasks of navigating the business context with largely uncharted territories. An innovation navigator is important to help the organization envision the future trends, pursue growth opportunities proactively in the hyper-connected business ecosystem. Contextual navigation not only helps the business generate fresh ideas, explore fresh ideas in all directions and experiment with innovation structurally; but also enables them to scale up innovation effort and maximize value creation.

Innovation & Contemporary: We live in a contemporary global society with a multigenerational workforce, multipolar knowledge centers, multi-cultural wisdom. Contemporary means “living or occurring at the same time”; practice “out of the box” creative thinking, make continuous progress. Contemporary society has the right mix of information fluency, knowledge variety, and cultural diversity. Contemporary leaders or professionals are open-minded, informative, creative, heterogamous, and inclusive, able to think globally and live digitally, able to bring together diverse groups of people whose mindsets, experiences, preferences, skills, and capabilities are additive to one another, having agility to adapt and create momentum.

Digital contemporary fitness requires envisioning new perspectives, shaping the new box of thinking, building dynamic competency, altering or changing the frame of reference to create previously unconsidered solutions. In such a dynamic climate, those businesses or societies that are unwilling to genuinely embrace diversity, are unable to know how to tap their diverse resources, and collective human potentiality. The contemporary society is a hyper-connected and interdependent ecosystem that can synchronize its functions and parts, create synergy, harness multi-industrial collaborations and make advanced movement in a consistent way.

Individually, have a greater self-awareness, fresh perspectives and the pleasure of knowing we are all wonderfully unique. Collectively, different organizations have different strengths and competency to innovate. Innovation implies higher risk and higher return on investment. Innovation focus and capabilities an organization demands depend on the circumstances the business is in. It’s important to predict risks and prevent problems, awaken the ecosystem consciousness via open information systems and flexible technologies to spark innovation in order to develop a creative workforce and build an innovative society.


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