Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Framework is a coherent set of ideas, principles, agreements, checklists, standards, processes, tools and building blocks, do & don't practices.

The digital frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel, it helps the organization embed a digital culture into the very fabric of the business, explore digital in a structural way and laser focus on the most important things to get business digital ready.

 Initiate Problem-Solving Framework Approach

Initiateproblemsolvingframework Frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel. You need to implement a comprehensive framework that fits your needs to achieve the benefits of certain domains of activities to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and maximize value.

Innerarchitecturalcomponents Business architecture seeks to represent the architecture of an organization in terms of information, process, capability, and performance, either as it exists or as it is intended to be, thereby facilitating the planning and communicating of business change initiatives.

Leverage Digital Framework to Address Business Perspectives and Practicalities The digital world is so information-intensive and the digital transformation is multidimensional. A solid framework is needed to address the mechanics of getting the work done and varying business factors associated with the digital paradigm shift that must take place within the organization at all levels. The framework enables the organization exploring the digital way to run the business by providing the following perspectives and practicalities.

Five Elements (AISDE) in Digital Problem-Solving Framework Running a business is fundamentally an iterative problem-solving continuum. Due to fast-paced change, the exponential growth of information and continuous digital disruptions, the problems facing business also turn to be over-complex and difficult to solve. You need to have deep insight, take a holistic approach to complex problem-solving and build a comprehensive framework for both defining the right problems and solving them effectively. Otherwise, the temporary fix will cause you to reconsider the problem statement soon after. Here, we introduce a comprehensive digital problem-solving framework with "AISDE" components.

Framework Approach To Solve Problems We live in a world with the very characteristics of hyperconnectivity and interdependence. Opportunities and risks emerge almost on a daily basis. Problems that arise are almost always the product of interactions of parts, never the action of a single part. There are unknown interactions and very high inner dynamics in many problems which have an inherent and irreducible complexity.

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