Friday, May 13, 2022


It’s a tough journey to celebrate 9000 blog posting, in pursuing the digital way to continuous communication, brainstorming and innovation.

We live in the “VUCA” digital era now, today’s digital workforce is hyper-connected and technology-savvy. Are today’s business leaders or managers really “powerful” enough to lead them effectively to amplify human potential? 

The substances of leadership are about vision, influence, and progression, then as an exemplary behavior. The ultimate criterion of "innovative leadership," is to envision the future trends in business, technology, and society, explore growth opportunities, accelerate collective performance, and advance human society.

Competency-based leadership: The purpose of leadership is to drive changes by conveying the vision, updating the outdated viewpoint, building competitive teams, and getting the work done promptly. Leadership is no longer a soft discipline, but a differentiated competency based on updated knowledge and strong expertise. Many organizations that get stuck at the lower level of maturity are divided by so many gaps across leadership, management, and innovation, etc. It’s important to integrate hard and soft skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and multi-dialect fluency into leadership competency.

To reach the state of knowledge proficiency and practice expert power wisely, influential leaders should be good at enforcing informational power, identifying and closing the gap between knowledge and insight, valuing the importance of information and knowledge, coaching with empathy, leading via the power of pull, practicing expert power to improve leadership maturity. Leadership competency will make a team of common people to achieve the uncommon result; unleash team’s potential structurally.

Persuasive leadership: Due to blurred boundaries and abundant knowledge flow, the command or manipulation style of management gradually loses steam as you can control people’s behavior, but not their mind. Theoretically, “command & control” is often used as a euphemism for “bad, authoritarian management.” Persuasion is a leadership quality to convey either vision or new ideas. The stereotypical perceptions or cookie-cutting matching approach more possibly lands a homogeneous follower, not discovering an authentic leader. Good leaders communicate to get their team motivated persuasively and accomplish business goals innovatively.

Great leaders convey their vision with clarity and inspire the team to reach the “art of possible." Persuasive and distributed leadership is in demand to give clear direction of what's expected, then delegate power to more people to achieve strategic goals. They can truly win their minds and gain the respect to improve competency. As the word "leader" implies followers to accomplish the goal. So then, the question is how does one get others to do the task? Thus, persuasion with good intention should improve problem-solving effectiveness, clarifying “why & what,” allowing those that follow you to choose how they get there.

Intrapreneur leaders practice entrepreneurship in the large enterprise to rejuvenate culture, advocate changes, inspire innovation and accelerate the speed of changes. Intrapreneur leaders have an open mind, show flexibility, break outdated rules, and present resilience, present accountability which is a type of cognitive fitness to show the ownership mentality. Good intrapreneur-leaders are systematic and good at explaining the big “whys” clearly, to articulating the strategic rationale behind the venture, capturing opportunity, calculating the risk, rolling it out and measuring the result accordingly.

Good intrapreneur-leaders with an ownership mentality can strike the right balance between increasing productivity and encouraging innovation; between setting the rules and let “out-of-box” thinking flow; between the new way to do things and the best practice, between risk management and risk tolerance; between creativity and process.

Leadership becomes more open and omnipresent in the digital era, showing the following dispositions: visionary, learning agile, adaptable, competent, courageous, and curious, etc. Innovative leadership is in a strong demand to inspire the culture of learning, and accelerate digital transformation. In reality, there are a variety of leadership gaps that cause blind spots in decision-making and create chasms in innovation. The competent leaders present the ideas with confidence, pursue the goal with persistence, and practice the leadership discipline with openness in building a highly innovative organization and an advanced society.


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