Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Isn't it a tough journey to write 9100 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling?

Leadership is about direction and change; it’s the influence based on philosophy and a set of practices to persuade and innovate. Blogging is a type of thought flow, energy glow; it is the flow that casts its glow, sparkling a radiance all around. It’s a tough journey to celebrate 9100 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling.

The power of influence has many dimensions and depends on a number of factors such as multidimensional intelligence, the mix of knowledge, experience and expertise, the quality of management discipline, and exemplary behaviors, all held together by a collection of confidence. Influence and persuasion are so closely linked; to lead, you need to persuade others to follow, they will not follow unless they are influenced by the leaders' persuasion. 

Leadership interface
: Highly effective leaders should become an interface across functional/industrial/geographical silos. The insightful leaders are interfaces of different perspectives, opposing views, diverse cultures, multiple constraints, and varying competitions by applying contextual thinking and interdisciplinary expertise. The very goal of interface leadership is to focus on relationships between things rather than characteristics of things, facilitate relevant dialogues which is a means of coordination based on expertise and responsibility, explore enriched life experience to bridge a variety of gaps, strengthen the weakest links when change is intense, lubricate relationships to harmonize and lead the world forward.

Leadership is about identifying and envisioning a worthy objective, and engaging people to work towards that objective. The interface leadership provided by personalized communication cross boundary knowledge and unique capabilities is usually more effective and influential. Leadership vision can be conveyed via continuous conversation creatively. Dialogue is relevant when people can understand what is communicated and are able to translate it into action or expertise, build stronger leadership teams and make effective cross-boundary collaboration to shape a hyper-connected advanced human society.

Leadership interdisciplinarity:
The hyper-connectivity nature of digital breaks down the functional, geographical, organizational, or industrial borders, businesses today become nonlinear, interconnected and interdependent. Organizations should set the leadership tone to encourage people to question the status quo, think independently and create an environment that encourages dissent and candor, change and innovation. For those who are trying to solve problems, they may find the problems evolving as they try different solutions. Interdisciplinarity helps to discover patterns, put the misplaced puzzle pieces in the right place until the premium solutions emerge.

Now more often the business is inextricably connected with technology, and the functional barriers are starting to weaken, digital boundaries are not straight lines, allowing digital leaders and professionals to pursue their aspirations and to apply their skills and expertise to their greatest effect. Great leaders can practice expert power, frame the right problems and solve them in the right way. They have the ability to learn to reflect, have the interdisciplinary knowledge to understand perspectives different from their own to make influence via persuasion and insight sharing proactively. The interdisciplinary expertise can make leadership influence more profound and empathetic, to connect the minds and improve leadership empathy and effectiveness. Digital leaders today can harness innovation by practicing open leadership styles and improve innovation management effectiveness.

Leadership influence
: Due to the exponential growth of information, the multitude of information formats, and risk/compliance concerns; It is a foundation to bring wisdom in the workplace which often means positive atmosphere, growth mindsets, intellectual stimulation, culture of learning, and collaborative & professional working relationship. The adaptable global leaders are good at shifting from one leadership style to another, but keep the leadership substance on check. An in-depth understanding of people helps to build an innovative workplace to inspire uniqueness and autonomy.

Digital leaders today can harness innovation by practicing open leadership styles and improve innovation management effectiveness, rejuvenate progressive changes, unlock human potential, and awaken possibilities in people to deliver extraordinary results. To develop strong leadership, look around to find out how to bring talented leaders with the right leadership traits closer to integrity and authenticity, train them with proper skills and cross-boundary competency to amplify collective influence.

Great leaders are authentic, their vision broadens leadership impact, their knowledge strengthens leadership effectiveness, and their insight deepens influence. High-influential global leaders are in demand to focus on knowing how to practice multidimensional thinking and interdisciplinary expertise, clarify the vision, lubricate communications, optimize processes and capacities to make leapfrog change with continuous deliveries.


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