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Education should promote all positive perspectives of humanity with collective progression.

Education is the key to knowledge and advanced human society, furthering the quality of civilization and enriching the role we play in the universe. The limitation of current education is that it can instill knowledge or coach methodology, but can’t teach us how to think independently or creatively. 

We are at the intersection of knowledge economy and creativity economy. With exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge, education needs to become more personalized to unlock human potential and make transcendental progress to lift humanity. Here are a few fresh insights upon the realization of human potential via fine-education.

Every person is unique, people have in themselves all that is needed to become fulfilled individuals: People are different not only because we look differently, but also because we think differently, learn differently; communicate and interact with the world differently, do things differently. The very goal of education is to help people discover who they are, so their inner talent is developed to grow into who they want to be. They are often on a unique path to shape a growth mindset, cultivate a learning habit, develop creativity and build professional competency.

Education's objective should be to provide the foundation that results in the addition of new information and discoveries. The discovery of human potential opens a new window in our psyche to dormant attributes we didn’t know existed. Good educators instill fresh knowledge; great educators are excellent coaches to help people grow and increase people’s consciousness of self-discovery and autonomy. People have an endless reservoir of potentiality waiting to be tapped and they should continually look for it.

People need to listen to and balance their instincts, intuition, imagination, inquiry with ingenuity towards achieving life purposes:
By nature, people are creative beings. Education needs to encourage people to ask insightful questions, make mistakes, ask clarifying questions, make more mistakes, and then ask even more questions, keep learning, accumulate knowledge, unlock their imagination, and gain fresh insight. They continue their learning journey with their relentless quest for answers as they grow up, to spread their curiosity and develop their expertise. Making inquiries with positive intentions, and applying ethical ways, results in positive outcomes for self and all others:

The fundamental educations instill subject knowledge; however, knowing algebra, language or studying history or anthropology about different civilization is merely knowledge, it is not wisdom. Contemporary education needs to become more thought-provoking, encourage people to connect interdisciplinary dots, capture deep insight, develop new knowledge to both broaden the perspective and deepen the understanding of varying issues in order to solve problems smoothly. Modern education should meet the need for embracing and retaining the globally connected civilization models for progressive human activity and sustainability.

People are not in competition with their peers, but rather with themselves, in becoming their best versions:
Talent is both natural and nurtured. People think and learn differently. It’s the thinking ability that harness creativity; it’s the learning style that enhances the “capacity to create.” Examining the learning process enables you to develop more effective learning and teaching approaches. Contemporary education encourages personalized learning with the mix of formal and informal education. The future of learning will require us to break away from the current one-size-fits-all mold and move to a more customized learning platform to really encourage people in strengthening their strengths and pursuing their interests. Learning is not just about absorbing the knowledge, it’s even more important for learning to creatively disrupt. It needs to encourage creative disobedience and constructive criticism.

High potential people proactively learn, share, debate, stimulate intellectual curiosity, improve learning plasticity with varying intellectual engagement. As an educator, if you know more about how people learn, you can work toward developing strategies that stimulate and support it as effectively as possible. To learn each other and solve problems innovatively, it is important to build a creative team, having people with the cognitive difference, diverse background, experience, and capabilities so that they can complement with each other’s viewpoint and skills for both generating ideas and implementing them smoothly.

Education should promote all positive perspectives of humanity with collective progression. The very spirit of modern education is to inspire the freedom to imagine, develop confidence to create, discipline to commit, skills to innovate, judgment in action, empathy to understand, selflessness to share, compassion to care, and strike the right balance of self-esteem and humility to reach the next cycle of professional growth and societal progress.


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