Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Iteration, interaction, and cross-boundary understanding are all crucial in enforcing communication and harnessing innovation.

Diversification, hyper-connectivity, nonlinearity, and interdependence, etc, are the very characteristics of the digital era. The innovative leaders are great storytellers who can share their vision vividly, express creatively to improve leadership effectiveness in today’s “VUCA” environment.

 The progress of the world is pushed forward by innovators who can apply vision, expertise, and techniques, using broad and diverse skills to create the “art of possible.”

Innovation via passion & proliferation:
Innovativeness is a state of mind that focuses on crafting creative ideas and spurring innovation. Creativity doesn't come automatically, it often happens at the intersection of consciousness and subconsciousness; starting on an unconscious level, and then, when ideas start shaping, it is brought into our conscious awareness.

You need to spend time and energy on setting the right priority and focus on creative activities. It takes focus or solitude to nurture great ideas; passion to fuel creativity. A passion with a good positive chain of thoughts followed by innovative activities often brings good outcomes. Following the passion, it also requires a good sense of judgment that you are on the right path to becoming a proliferated innovator.

Innovation via integration & consistency: Today’s dynamic and diversified workforce is multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-geographical; people are inspired to think creatively and solve problems innovatively. Cognitively, you need to think hard as creativity has a quintessential facet with the integration of multiple thought processes; collaboratively, people with cognitive difference can brainstorm, co-create fresh ideas, integrate all great ideas into holistic solutions to some complex problems facing humanity by taking advantage of advanced technology and communication tools in a consistent manner.

Consistency enhances trust, improves quality, increases credibility and integrity. To innovate continually, keep consistent of having intellectual curiosity, a growth mindset, a learning attitude; to bring a more integral, holistic perspective that can fix the misperception by exploring multiple thought processes and varying opinions, willing to listen to the diverse viewpoints for understanding things as the whole, integrating quality ideas into innovative solutions. build a set of cohesive innovation capabilities to unlock innovation performance with continuous deliveries.

Innovation via personalization & globalization:
The world has been interconnected, interdependent than ever, developed world and emerging economies have to interact with each other more closely. Firms are increasingly transforming from multinational to truly global operations as silos have been broken down, the digital territories have blurred borders. Digital technology coupled with integrated information is allowing firms to innovate at a broader scope, gain global synergies while remaining locally responsive. In fact, globalization brings more opportunities to innovate, grow, and build up an innovative global society.

Personalization as the process of making a company's products and services extraordinarily relevant to the wants, needs or desires of customers, physically, spiritually or emotionally brings a unique perspective of innovative problem-solving with people-centricity. Regardless of what types of personalization initiatives you would take, say, personalizing products, services, or education, it is important to have a heterogeneous group setting to spur innovation, let people view an idea from different perspectives, and brainstorm diverse thoughts and ideas to overcome common challenges.

Human societies need to get more understanding and master the natural ecosystem, to create synergy, collaborating with the responsibility, to build up an open, decentralized organization with purpose on innovation & sustainability across the globe. Assessing the innovation competency of individuals or capability of organizations requires connecting the right dots, if ever making sense, taking a systematic approach to demystify innovation. Always keep the big picture. Forethoughtful leaders show the very intention to innovate at the large scope and improve innovation impact. Iteration, interaction, and cross-boundary understanding are all crucial in enforcing communication and harnessing innovation.


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