Saturday, May 28, 2022


A healthy business initiatives portfolio expands into the hidden dimension of business prosperity by building unique capabilities.

The organization and business ecosystem could be at the tipping point for the digital paradigm shift. Companies with an effective business initiatives portfolio management can translate strategic goals into business initiatives and develop differentiated competencies. 

Portfolio management is about doing the right things, focusing on improving the decision-making process around which programs and projects should be executed based on their alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization, as well as preventing value leakage, and improving the overall success rate of strategy management.

Initiatives portfolio management is a practical tool to explore macro-environment corporate success factors: It helps to navigate critical business activities to reduce uncertainty and deal with complexity. While some organizations may be excellent in the execution of project management, they may not have a mature portfolio management process in place, which causes issues with the strategic alignment of programs and portfolios.

Portfolio management should focus on setting leadership principles and providing program/project guidance, rather than micro aspects of the projects by asking more tough questions both at the strategic and tactical level. How do you manage or engage associates in your organizations, how do you communicate organizational objects or goals? The new programs no longer stand alone; they fit together into an integrated system. It also focuses on the decision-making process around which programs and projects should be executed based on their alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Portfolio Management provides an “executive” view of short, mid and long term business initiatives: The artifact becomes one that covers the following: what the application portfolio looks like today, what approach should we take to get the future ready? Portfolio Management provides an “executive” view including impact analysis, reporting and alignment to strategy, allowing the portfolio to be fine-tuned over time so that it delivers maximum strategic advantage to the organization. There needs to be a well-defined portfolio prioritization and rationalization process with business partners. Portfolio rationalization is an activity more critical than ever because economic cycles are getting shorter, and decision cycles are getting shorter.

Depending on the maturity of the organization and the pain points, PMO proactively provides deliverables regardless of all methodologies, measurements. Sometimes the goal of PMO is not only the strategy alignment and value leverage; it’s also about setting the right priority. When a new initiative comes up, the senior stakeholders must be able to rate its importance. If one focuses on short term value too much, this might not support long term strategy and vision in the end. If one puts too much focus on long-term value, there may be a loss of momentum and engagement.

Portfolio management as a governance discipline to simplify, optimize:
There are strategic risks and systemic risks, there are financial risks, operational risks, or regulation risks, etc, in portfolio management. The primary focus of the risk management process would be to identify and manage those risks that can be addressed; also try to understand uncertainty, take scientific scenario planning to deal with “VUCA” reality smoothly.

Most of the organizations concern on how to simplify things and create an infrastructure that can be more reactive & proactive to the needs of users. Overly rigid processes are seen as a block to progress rather than a facilitator of it. Portfolio management as a governance discipline is an enabling vehicle that provides a platform for determining sound corporate behavior and structured decision-making for improving business initiatives management maturity.

Upon increasing paces of changes, the reality is that there are a lot of things that can go wrong and it is not always easy to identify what is important. A healthy business initiative portfolio expands into the hidden dimension of business prosperity by building unique capabilities, exploring the emerging opportunities, designing new business models, and investigating new paths for accelerating growth.


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