Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Influence is made via inspiring, to encourage others toward your vision by communicating in depth and breadth, bridging cognitive difference, fixing perception bias, and brainstorming creative ideas & concepts.

Today we are inextricably linked, in real time and in ways far more imminent than most realize. Business leaders and professionals need to become more influential and progressive, develop critical thinking skills, use common sense, and train rational thinking skills, to drive, anticipate desired changes proactively. 

To "influence" means to be able to shape other people's views or opinions towards one's own views or perspectives. The dimensions of influence vary, there are many ways to influence and there are all different types of influencers for leading collective progress

Innovative Influence: Creativity is about connecting the wider dots, cross-disciplinarily, Innovation is based on curiosity, creativity, urge, inspiration, brilliance, boldness, etc, but there is a logic as a hidden clue Logic is neither conventional wisdom nor linear arithmetic rules only, it’s about sequence and consequence; cause-effect of innovation experimentation and implementation. . Logic enables us to uncover patterns and understand the interconnectivity underneath the surface, to un-puzzle the myth of innovation.

In today’s digital world, innovation is not serendipity but a management process to add meaningful value by applying engineering disciplines and practices. Inference and logic are often nonlinear and multidimensional to spark creativity and turn on the innovation light bulb. You need to go through a sequence of interdependent steps in building processes leading to repeatable, predictable results. To enhance innovative influence, business leaders and professionals need to become learning agile, recognize their limitations, present the ability to learn, know how to learn, swim in the sea of information effortlessly, spot innovators, build a resourceful team with complementary mindsets, skillset, and toolset, take innovative activities from sowing the seed of creativity, growing the innovation fruits, to reaping innovation benefits.

Rational influence
: Influence style is not always poetic, it can be made via logic and reasoning; data and statistics. Humans are rational, in an ecological rather than a logical way. There are different kinds of rationality that apply to different dimensions of leadership or management, such as: physical or technical rationality; emotional or psychological rationality, mental or spiritual rationality, just to name a few. To drive change, leaders or professionals with rational influence follow the logical scenario to walk through different stages such as assessment, improvement and measurement, etc, for yielding competitive advantage.

From a change management perspective, seemingly irrational behavior is mostly rooted in rationality. It’s always important to observe the consequences of actions, and handle sequence and consequence in a rational way. In order to make rational influence, business leaders and professionals should apply information-driven judgment skills to deal with assumptions & unconscious bias, fill their professional toolbox with tailored frameworks, processes, and the various engineering tools such as problem-solving tools, analytics, failure prediction tools, to improve change management effectiveness and evaluate their influence effectiveness.

Inspirational influence:
Due to the increasing speed of change, abundant knowledge, blurred territories and continuous disruptions, the digital workforce today is multigenerational, multi-geographic, and multi-devicing, outdated thoughts and skill gaps are the reality. Influence is made via inspiring, to encourage others toward your vision by communicating in depth and breadth, bridging cognitive difference, fixing perception bias, and brainstorming creative ideas & concepts.

Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, influence is made via asserting, presenting ideas via confident persuasion and interdisciplinary expertise, negotiating & exchanging to get others’ see your point of viewpoints, attempting to influence outcomes by building reciprocal relationships, uniting or connecting with others trustfully. With inspirational influence, the contemporary leaders and professionals can interact, interpret, exemplify, encourage, and orchestrate change based on courage to inspire, confidence to assert, wisdom to negotiate, and uniqueness to bridge.

Business leaders or professionals should continue to learn, innovate or coach to deepen their influence. It is important to develop a series of gap-minding practices to bridge the multitude of gaps for speeding up changes and catalyzing innovation. High professionals today require an integration of different sets of knowledge and expertise across multiple disciplines, have abilities to “calibrate their impact,” being able to lead through influence, not by brute force, amplification of influence works through continuous delivery.


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