Sunday, May 22, 2022


 Vision, decisiveness, loyalty, justice, listening, empathy, attitude, drive, risk-taking, integrity, perseverance, humbleness, and resilience, are all crucial ingredients to shape cross-boundary leadership.

Leadership is about direction and change. Far too often the term "leadership" is thrown around loosely and without any regard to true meaning. 

Leadership is complex and situational, the hardcore digital leadership capabilities are multidimensional, what’re the disruptive trends; how does your organization catalyze progressive changes and how much better can you do to leverage creativity and lead a seamless transformation?

Leadership really is a character and personal development: You must continue to learn and improve upon the leadership capabilities. Effective Leadership finds the leader and followers in the voluntary and productive 'overlap.' There is an agreement in the selected vision, values, purpose and strategic planning. Individually, you have a vision of what you are to become and a strategy for making that happen. The result can be brilliant corporate achievements. But establishing a vision that is based on unrealistic expectations will fail strategy execution.

The vision and intention for becoming a leader is to bring new perspectives, facilitate change, encourage innovation, as change is often an uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching the vision and maintaining success. Great leaders can integrate their professional competency with leadership influence to create a ripple effect and make a high societal impact. Visionary leaders are influential communicators to facilitate world-wide dialogues at the global scope; knowing how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes in the global business ecosystem to amplify their leadership impacts.

The expanded boundaries encourage open mind, open space and open leadership: Digital leadership is about co-creating alternative visions and dreams into existence of new solutions or expand the lens to capture the further and bigger picture in order to drive changes effectively. Many departments are perhaps dysfunctional in different ways due to misalignment of people, process, or technology. Digital leadership is based on understanding a situation and weighing up the odds, trying to discover an entrepreneurial way to lead forward. The harmony is priceless.

Digital disrupts not only the business functional boundary but also industry boundary and geographical boundary. Digital leaders should break down the reductionistic management pattern and leverage nonlinear thinking to understand the density and intensity of the business dynamic, encourage open mind and open space. We do not have to agree with one another in order to learn from and with one another and produce fresh ideas. Cross-boundary leadership with strong discipline is in demand to question, reason and focus, create shared vision and common-understood goals, empower, support astute strategists and change agents, and encourage the teams to compete and collaborate as they deem fit.

Creative leadership is essentially anchored on the leader's intellectual curiosity and overall multifaceted resourcefulness:
At a high level of leadership competency, people are not only fluent in making professional deliveries, but also becoming more influential on innovating, coaching, driving transformative changes. Creative leaders are capable of leading the entire management team by increasing their productivity, encouragement, capacity building, motivation, rewarding and appreciation, beyond their performances at the moment, to shape long term advantages.

Businesses need to recognize the change and help leaders meet the challenge via business savvy and agility. The high influential creative leaders encourage either individuals or the organization as a whole to practice autonomy, discover the “art of possible,” and achieve its higher-level digital maturity. They are not only experts in their own domain, but also innovators themselves to spur creativity and inspire intrapreneurship all the time. If the leaders are not willing to mentor the next generation of leaders, it will lead to reduced competitiveness and suboptimal business results.

The digital era upon us is about people. Leadership is complex and situational; the hardcore digital leadership capabilities are multidimensional. It takes transcendent wisdom, interdisciplinary expertise, and cross-cultural intelligence to become transformational leaders. Vision, decisiveness, loyalty, justice, listening, empathy, attitude, drive, risk-taking, integrity, perseverance, humbleness, and resilience, are all crucial ingredients to shape cross-boundary leadership.


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