Monday, May 30, 2022


 Collaboration is the intellectual harmony between humans; a fundamental part of what ultimately fueled imagination and lead innovation!

As boundaries today are fluid and cursive to streamline information and idea flow for adapting to changes constantly. Cross-silo collaboration is crucial to building dynamic digital capabilities. 

In fact, collaboration, teamwork, unity bring strength. Every collaborative team will be different, with different strength and varying competency, hence, produce different results. The management needs to clarify via asking insightful questions, build a conductive organizational climate to achieve high performance results with consistent results.

Alignment: Does everyone know and understands each other's goals and have agreed on common overall goals? What is the value to an organization if internal conflicts can be mitigated and turned into something more productive? There is resource alignment, talent alignment, process or capability alignment, etc. Those organizations that have better alignment maturity outperform their competitors and tend to be more responsive to increasing pace of changes and develop long-term business competency. An effective resource allocation and business alignment scenario helps to prioritization effectively, optimize cost efficiently, integrate process to dynamic capabilities seamlessly, to ensure most of the budget are allocated to cost/value proven business initiatives,

The functional, geographical, or even industrial borders are blurred, people are encouraged to break down silos. Strategic alignment occurs on multiple levels; it presupposes the ability of each link to articulate their strategic intent, and it is the process of ensuring all organization action is directed to achieving common strategic goals. Do everything you can to provide the opportunity to succeed, and then, if it does not work, make a change.

Knowledge-sharing: Knowledge is dynamic and multidimensional nowadays, are information and knowledge equally shared among all members? It’s not just spoken or transferred in hard-copy, it’s also transferred visually, digitally, and through emotions /feelings. Knowledge workers with intrinsic motivation like to share their knowledge to learn more, are able to find a balance between sharing knowledge and ensuring sharing knowledge will not become a goal in itself. Organizations need to look at all the present collaborative processes already being used, leverage emerging collaboration platforms & tools for improvements to enhance knowledge sharing,

 Knowledge assets are a blend of resources, not a single asset, its integrity, availability, and confidentiality can be crucial to develop talent and build long term business competency. Knowledge sharing becomes an effortless activity if knowledge sharing is embedded in the work styles, well-placed knowledge management systems with effective methodologies/tools do play a major role in workforce management to catalyze innovation.

Trustful relationship
: To gain empowerment, teams or individuals need to earn the level of trust. The management needs to ask: Is there an environment of psychological safety and culture of innovation. Trust is a key component of empowerment; empowerment is the great ingredient of innovation. There should be a sense of trust and encouragement for the members who are not doing well or lack the skill to fulfill his/her role. Be sensitive to the words used and invest heavily in the retrospective, communicate empathetically and collaborate cross-boundary.

In reality, the trust gap further creates innovation barriers and gets businesses stuck at the low level of maturity. misinformation or lack of true understanding and trust make human society more divided and less collaborative. Mistrust is often caused by a lack of contextual understanding, presumptions or illogical reasoning. Communication, transparency, and acts of integrity is the part of management in building competent teams with trustful relationships. Rolling up your sleeves, having a little empathy, sharing the challenges and collective wisdom, and lining up on a shared target.

Digital is the age of people and options, it provides the opportunity to think innovatively, engage employees, and delight customers. Collaboration is the intellectual harmony between humans; a fundamental part of what ultimately fueled imagination and lead innovation! Being able to foster a workplace that thrives on collaboration, social interaction and forward thinking is imperative for building business competency and accelerating performance.


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