Saturday, May 21, 2022


It is crucial to examine the causes of failure in innovation, the gaps and pitfalls on the way.

Digital makes a significant impact on how we think, live, and work. There is the mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos. We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of digital maturity, also in the era of confusion and information overload. 

Therefore, it’s critical to identify, understand, and avoid pitfalls, discover strategic and predictive pathways to change, increase confidence, position a brand and leverage resources to make the digital paradigm shift effortlessly. Slideshare Presentation

   Unnecessary Pains

Unecessarycomplexity Complexity is part of business' new normal. There is needed complexity and undesired complexity. Not every complexity is bad, the point is how to eliminate the unnecessary complexity (complication) to make things better and run a high mature organization.

Irrelevant, Inconsistent, Incoherent It is a continuously changing world with hyper-connected and interdependent “VUCA” new normal. No organizations across vertical sectors can afford to stick to its old ways of problem-solving. If the organization understands itself in relation to its context, it should be able to determine whether it requires designing and changing organizational structure to become viable. To accelerate business maturity, a highly complex and dynamic organizational system needs to be elaborated in the design-led management effort.

Silo-Thinking Silo is a universal problem facing businesses, especially large mature organizations or our society today. And most people don't realize how much pain it is causing or the cost to the organization. Now businesses are moving into the hyper-connected, accelerated digital continuum, how to break down silo thinking, and embrace holistic thinking, systems thinking and strategic thinking in building a high-performing organization?

All Sorts of Ineffectiveness Even businesses step into the hyper-connected digital world, many business managers and professionals still apply old silo management mindsets to new ways of organizing, and this legacy of the old economy causes most of the organizations across vertical sectors today are process and control driven, those processes become inflexible and stifle changes.

Unhealthycompetitions In reality, the workplace competition is not always positive, it is the energy behind the competition that matters sometimes. The goals or motivation behind competition can be unhealthy and the competitive arena can produce a myriad of unwise mentality and negative externalities. How to encourage professionalism and healthy competitions for innovative problems-solving and transformative changes?

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