Thursday, May 12, 2022


An organization needs people that can help to craft a good strategy as well as turn that strategic thinking into reality.

Strategic Thinkers are the rare ones. They are the evangelists for change and opportunity, driving the biggest mind-shift in moving from operation-driven to strategic-oriented by switching from focusing on activities to thinking about outcomes.

 Strategic thinkers are able to gain an understanding of the past and the perception of the future. In fact, the capability to "think strategically" is more a talent than a skill, with the following perspectives.

Strategic thinking starts with the end in mind: A strategic mind is contextual; strategic thinking is about why and what you want to achieve in a particular context and the whole configuration of interconnected and continuous interacting components of organization. The power of context is in the ways you can change the factors that create a context to impact on the outcomes. Strategic thinkers are in demand to lead transformative changes as it requires a first shifting mindset, starting with the realization that where you currently no longer can deliver the business objective and vision of success for your company and your shareholders. Determine what the future needs to look like, what the transformation must look like, and then take a logical scenario

Each organization is different, so it isn't a one size fits all formula for strategy management. But there are principles that may apply to most, including key stakeholders within the organization early on is helpful. Thus, strategic thinking matters especially at the top hierarchy of the company for either crafting a good strategy or cultivating a solution-focused culture, assessing where the organization is regarding the impending change, in order to lead the large-scale organizational transformation effectively.

Strategic thinking is about uncovering all the options and thinking long term:
A strategy is a choice that constrains subsequent decisions. A good strategy is always to set up choices and ensure business as a whole is more optimal than the sum of pieces. Strategic Thinking is the ability to think on a temporal plane: where you are, where you want to be, identify gaps, and take alternate approaches to anticipate and provide solutions. Strategists have a clear vision, they master critical thinking, holistic thinking, and creativity to come out with alternative solutions to the problems.

Strategic Thinking is temporal in nature; strategic thinkers can look beyond the immediate causal relationships to the more difficult second and third order effects of changes, be able to stretch their mind to explore what is plausible, possible and probable, and provide the insights of exploring alternatives to solve problems in a better way.

Strategic thinking deals with discovering novels, rewriting the rules of the competitive game:
The purpose of the strategy is the creation of competitive advantage. Strategy is about being different and is about making choices; strategic thinkers can think from different angles, think long term, think alternatively, and come up with novel solutions. A good strategy disrupts the old way, breaks down the outdated traditions or conventional wisdom, rewrites the rules to instruct actions for building competitive advantage.

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate from their competitors, at least partly due to various factors caused by rapid changes, exponential information, and emerging technologies. Differentiation is not the end game, value creation, and forward vision are. It’s important to identify patterns & effects as well as underlying causes of those effects, and understand linkages between the best practice and next practice in order to make strategic movement. By applying strategic wisdom, the “rules” get updated to reflect the new age, and fit for the new perspectives to lead transformative changes.

Although not everyone needs, nor should they be strategic thinkers. An organization needs people that can help to craft a good strategy as well as turn that strategic thinking into reality. One can be taught tips and techniques to ensure the right questions are being asked, correct methodologies used. The key is to understand who the strategic thinkers are and provide them the ability to utilize these skills to help in strategic changes for achieving high performance with consistency.


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