Thursday, May 26, 2022


There is no “one size fits all” formula, or a single leadership style, but rather many that can be used and in many instances, several can be morphed to fit the style required to amplify leadership influence.

Leadership is complex yet simple. Being a leader means giving people confidence on where to go via a clear vision and how to get there via a good strategy. 

Command and control style leadership is gradually out of steam, strong global leadership today is based on fresh insight, logical reasoning, empathetic understanding, persuasive communication, professional maturity, with continuous deliveries to deepen influence.

Authentic leadership is based on character, growing with an advanced mindset: It takes the courage to be original, be different, be true to one's own personality, spirit, or character to spark innovation and amplify leadership influence. Broadly speaking, a significant adjustment in human evolutionary path rooted at the mindset level, either for driving progressive changes or complex problem-solving. Leadership as making your people grow is a tough call based on “who they are,” authentically. It is logical that "character" is a critical success factor for leadership. The character goes beyond just ethics, the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation to make their influence. To develop strong leadership, look around to find out how to bring talented leaders with the right leadership traits closer to integrity and authenticity, train them with proper skills and cross-boundary leadership competency to amplify collective influence.

The substances of leadership are about vision, positive influence, and progression. Authenticity matters as you have to deal with so many different personalities and diversity of cultures, break down stereotypical biases, fill a certain gap or multiple gaps in order to lead to the future smoothly. Leaders with advanced mindsets embark upon the road of total inclusion as that appears to be the only way to advance forward and realize long term prosperity. Authentic leadership presents very characteristics of courage, competency, and consistency. Not only do character-based leaders keep consistent on themselves; but they also look for consistency in their teams, organization, and the ecosystem.

Situational or personalized leadership is in demand to broaden perspective and deepen leadership insight: Static leadership does not work well in the digital age. Great leadership is an ability to discover and enforce leadership strength. Leadership is situational, there is the time you need to lead ahead and facilitate answers, there’s the time you need to lead from behind, and ask insightful questions to attract fresh viewpoints. Situational leadership is affected by context, culture, including capability and resources, and the means to an end, rather than just defined by the end result.

People need to feel that leaders understand their concerns, particularly in tough times; recognize their talent and contribution to the organizations. Personalization needs to be the theme for leading a people-centric world. So great leaders can build competitive teams by complementing each other’s viewpoint, learning, criticizing, and collaborating; deepening their leadership influence by tailoring customer’ needs or solving employees’ problems smoothly, in order to improve leadership effectiveness.

Competency-based leadership:
It is an effective practice to build the distinctive leadership “hardcore,” Every leader is unique with a set of differentiated competency. Leaders’ competitive uniqueness will attract divergent thoughts and diversified talents, unify and bridge the variety of differences from mindset to actions. One of the digital leadership capacities is to get people out of their comfort zone to meet challenges, learn new skills and unlock collective creativity. Competent leaders with unique strength spur creativity with confidence, pursue the goal with persistence, and practice leadership discipline with openness. They will make a team of common people achieve uncommon results; unleash the team’s potential, coach with empathy, lead via the power of pull.

Often, businesses tend to focus on what the leader needs to do differently going forward. It’s important to convey leadership philosophy, develop expertise, build leadership profiles and reputation all the time. Leadership is the ability to develop people, innovating, coaching, problem-solving, etc, are all great leadership competencies. Leadership influence can be spread out, improvement can only be there if people accept change and enjoy growth, as well as make the most out of it.

Developing leaders is a crucial investment, requiring time, energy, methodology and practices. It is often viewed as a luxury in today's fast-paced work environment. There is no “one size fits all” formula, or a single leadership style, but rather many that can be used and in many instances, several can be morphed to fit the style required to amplify leadership influence.


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