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Ingenuity means-being original and fresh, without following routines, conventional approach reactively, challenge assumptions conclusion, beliefs, insightfully.

Ingenuity is-

infused with-

inner cohesion,

comes from -

a vision of uniqueness.

Ingenuity is the ability -

to solve difficult problems,


Being ingenious needs-

more understanding,

not less.

Ingenuity is -

connotated with-

insight, perception;

understanding the inner nature of -



design solutions,


take actions,


Ingenuity means-

being original and fresh,

without following routines,

conventional approach,


challenge assumptions,




Ingenuity demands -

creativity as-

a mixed ingredient for-

solving problems,


driven changes,


Ingenuity is -

at the edge of -

art and science,

functioning and delight.

ingenuity can't be -

taught completely,

needs to -

be discovered

by talented people,

on their own,


Isn’t ingenuity -

creative thing?


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