Saturday, November 26, 2022


Let go of -the emotion instead of- clinging to it; let go of -trivial issues,stay focused on -crucial things…

Holiday season is -

a peaceful time to-

reflect, recharge, renew;

being at peace with -

self, is when-

one’s thoughts, feelings, actions 

are aligned, holistically;

with a positive culmination of -

walking the talk,


A peaceful mind is -

not a matter of doing,

but of being;

a peaceful mind has -

the real enlightenment to -

unify brain and heart,


Isn’t a peaceful mind like -

a calm sea,

open, but not overwhelming;

profound, but not intimidating;

blue, but not sorrow;

quiet, but not depressing;

it keeps flowing, cleansing, evolving,


Let go of -

the emotion instead of-

clinging to it;

let go of -

trivial issues,

stay focused on -

crucial things;

go deep within oneself to -

reduce distress;

brighten shadows;


the peace of mind,

be cool-headed,


Peace is -

a reality achieved through-

understanding harmony,

in the Universe,

super consciously.

It does not happen,

every day,

but it should happen,

during this holiday;

are we-

comfortable with ourselves,

learning to -

be so with others, 

as well;

to co-shape our world as-

a peaceful place,

to live, forever?


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