Wednesday, November 16, 2022


 Potentiality is “raw,” but it’s a worthy investment and hidden dimension to build unique capabilities.

We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of professional growth or maturity. Either individually or collectively, discovering the hidden potential inside you is a worthwhile journey.

 From a talent management perspective, the potential is about future performance. Business leaders need to contemplate: Does the reference to "human potential" begin and end with one individual? Or does it encompass collective potential? Individuals need to step outside the box and challenge perception, push themselves to the limit, their limit. Collectively, it’s important to build competitive teams, organizations, societies with complementary mindsets, expertise to unleash human potential smoothly.

It’s important to harness the different experiences, perspectives and ideas, to unleash the potential for self-actualization: People have enormous potential. Potential assessment takes a full-blown, structured talent development process. One of the important responsibilities of contemporary leaders is to empower their people to reach their full potential by building a work atmosphere to encourage self-discovery, creativity, autonomy. Mediocrity is often the root cause of negative vibes in the workplace. Thus, it’s important to bring up the hidden potential of people, enforce the growth cycle and put the right effort on talent development and holistic people management.

Potential talent development should be consistent efforts and ongoing practices by exploring it holistically:
Human potential is bottom-up, upwardly and outwardly-expanding. To unleash professional potential, people think, create, and self-actualize by shaping their creative mindset, experimenting with new things and exploring themselves thoroughly. The importance of potentiality management really depends on how and what the organization is utilizing the potential for and how to invest the collective potential for building differentiated business competency. It takes the immense amount of time and hard work that "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents and building their professional competencies such as creativity, agility, or influence, etc, to reach the next level of professional growth and competency development.

Break down silos and utilize the human potential for continuous improvement and building a people-centric business: People become the center of management and they are the major focus for business accomplishment. To unleash collective potential, it’s important to apply hard and soft science wherever possible, to diagnose problems, look at the whole picture, with the interaction and relationships holistically. A high potential organization can take a systematic approach to identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form; grow, innovate, keep building differentiated business advantages, and transform itself to get digital ready, and unleash organizational potential effectively.

Potential is about future performance worthy investment. Individuals keep learning agile to unleash their potential constantly. Collectively, to identify potential and accelerate future performance, successful organizations should encourage people to learn and grow. Potentiality is “raw,” but it’s the worthy investment and hidden dimension to build unique capabilities, explore emerging opportunities, and investigate hidden paths for accelerating change and growth, to achieve high performance systematically.


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