Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Authentic professionals have character and courage to decide and act; release creative energy to influence the surroundings.

Being authentic is defined as being real or genuine, discovering your strength and uniqueness, being yourself, even if you are not perfect, and nobody is. 

In reality, it seems everyone who considers authenticity has his or her own view of it; what are the correlations of authenticity, advancement, creativity, and leadership?

Being authentic means being true to that in every aspect: thinking, saying and doing: You can constantly discover who you are, be yourself; keep discovering yourself – your talent, strength, your unique being. Authenticity with a growth mindset leads to advancement. 

Strong character reveals authenticity, the actual mental understanding and subsequent manifestations in action will be different for each individual. Discovering authenticity is a journey of understanding deeply, improving further, and acting courageously to reach the state of advancement which is about forward-thinking, fresh knowledge, improvement, progress.

Business professionals are inspired to discover who they are, their inner strength, they are at the tipping point to unleash creative potential: Consider authenticity to be a positive outcome of enlightened and innate motivation, authenticity keeps the original thoughts flowing seamlessly and taps the fountain of creativity effortlessly. 

Originality is the expression of authenticity; creativity is the outcome of authenticity. When you are authentic, keep your mind flowing, release positive energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing -the plenty seeds of creativity. Collectively, organizations should cultivate the culture of authenticity - to encourage people to be authentic and inspire inclusiveness.

An authentic leader fills a certain gap or multiple gaps: Authenticity is the foundation to be a great leader who has a clear vision to lead the world forward smoothly. To be "authentic" and genuine first and foremost, ensure that your voice and actions are in synchronization by endurance with the right spirit. 

When you dig deeper in yourselves, the questions arise - Who are you? What makes you unique? Where do your thoughts come from? Why do you want to lead, and so on? Traditional talent pipeline is not sufficient enough to select authentic professionals who can inspire vision, rejuvenate passion, think creatively, and lead more effectively in today’s digital dynamic and global business setting.

Advanced knowledge and profound insight are important elements in developing advanced mindsets and capabilities. Authentic professionals have character and courage to decide and act; release creative energy to influence the surroundings, challenge conventional settings, build a set of differentiated competencies including abilities to change, innovative problem-solving capabilities to make significant changes constantly.


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