Thursday, November 24, 2022


The emerging digital trend is the constructive disruptor for broadening leadership touchpoints and deepening leadership impact.

t’s time for holiday celebration, it’s also a time to ponder deeper about leadership in a hyper-connected environment with interdependent global dynamic, hybrid diversity.

In a mature, disciplined, and continuously improving global society, leadership is about focusing attention and energy on the future to create a compelling and sustainable way forward. It is about the virtue of benevolence that is created when one leads with deliberate vision, good intention, fair judgment, and cohesive behavior.

Leadership authenticity and competency: The digital era upon us is about information abundance and rapid change, with the mix of truth and false, signals and noises, etc. The weight falls on the shoulders of the leaders to lead authentically, think profoundly, and amplify leadership influence effortlessly. Leadership as a bridge needs substantial character, multiple lens vision, and fitting styles to advance society in which all various areas of human endeavor continue to evolve, and make leapfrog changes. It’s important to discover your natural talent, inner drive, enforce your own leadership strength, in order to amplify leadership influence.

The good intention of becoming a leader is to inspire and innovate, set goals and ensure ongoing commitment. All leaders need to ponder: Who am I, why do I want to lead, what are my leadership vision, communication, and practices, etc? Through such a self-discovery journey, we can gain insightful perception, enriched career/life experience. become more confident and competent human beings.

Leadership persuasiveness & fluency: There are different languages for leadership, one of which is "advocate"; to advocate is to exert degrees of persuasiveness and influence in the circumstances that require it. Insightful global leaders are interfaces of varying perspectives, opposing views, cultures, constraints, collaborations, and competitions. Leadership is about the future and change. It’s important to apply contextual understanding, interdisciplinary knowledge, and integral expertise to achieve a high level of leadership competency.

Global leadership certainly has to take into account cultural intelligence and how that affects leadership influence. Leadership inspiration is a tough journey to facilitate open dialogues and encourage progressive changes. Influential leaders practice creative communication and persuasive skills to amplify their leadership voice, improve leadership fluency from culture empathy to intelligence; from respect to empowerment, and from creativity to inspiration.

Leadership benevolence and influence:
In order to make a smooth shift from silo-based traditional economy to hyperconnected business interdependence, and move up to the next level of humanity, it’s crucial to highlight leadership benevolence and influence; cookie cutter leadership needs to be updated toward gap-minding, innovative leadership. Global leadership certainly has to take into account cultural empathy and how that affects communication, interaction, and collaboration between people, in order to create common value, play justice, show caring, and amplify leadership influence.

The world has become much more complex and smaller all at once due to blurred territories, virtual interactions, or intriguing business relationships. In order to unify and advance human society, leadership needs to present the virtue of benevolence. Insightful leaders should embrace the diversity of thoughts and pursue the outliner’s viewpoint, set common-agreeable principles to develop a positive attitude, guide stepwise actions and encourage nice behaviors.

Isn't the holiday season a right time to self-reflect, renew your energy, and assess leadership influence? Nowadays, leadership is more about envisioning, coaching and orchestration, The emerging digital trend is the constructive disruptor for broadening leadership touchpoints and deepening leadership impact.


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