Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Continuous changing proactively is necessary in an ever-changing world, in order to run a future-driven digital organization.

In the rapidly evolving businesses and complex digital economic systems, running a high-competitive organization starts with the growth mindset and follows with progressive activities. 

The organization of the future is designed openly for anyone with ideas on how human organizations ought to be contrived in the face of challenges. Contemporary organizations consist of intersecting and interacting social, technical, and cultural systems. Businesses today need to build different bridges to strengthen the weakest links, and move into the future smoothly.

Great leaders are good listeners, indefatigable learners, and insightful innovators: Leadership is about change, making constructive change is critical but challenging for the company’s long term surviving and thriving. Great leaders are visionaries. They possess an innate potential to transform vision into reality and become the true source of inspiration and motivation for their organizational success. They are the catalyst for concerted efforts to achieve common goals or achievement. Leadership is a skill within itself and the greatest leaders are authentic to continue discovery of themselves, others, as well as strengths & weaknesses of their organizations. Without strong leadership, organizations simply cannot move fast enough. Greatness can never be kept hidden, it just has to rise up in making great accomplishments constantly.

Circumstances create sets of conditions that evoke leadership in individuals who are inclined and ready to take the lead. Challenging beliefs, ideas, and strategies along with accepted ways of doing things are all hallmarks of leadership. In adapting to the dynamic circumstances, business leaders try to predict and plan for the future by applying a range of techniques. Effective leaders facilitate progress and encourage innovation, engage people with effective communication and utilize win/win strategies for overcoming obstacles.

It is crucial to focus on the employee experience in the work
: Besides strong leadership, you need both best fit employees and high-performing teams for running a high performance organization. Focusing on employee experience in the work helps digital leaders orient their thinking and ensure they can develop the strategy that is integrated across the employee development cycle and have the right impact on employees.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to bring all talented people and mold them into an effective team. Because people need to be intentional about how they enter the role. It’s important to keep optimizing employee experience; so people are engaged both rationally from systems and processes perspectives and emotionally (mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors). The team fit or the organizational fit manifested in accepted and expected behavior, has a way of neutralizing differences to create synergy and improve organizational performance significantly.

Great organizations encourage self-discovery, and creativity: Organizations of the future are increasingly exhibiting digital characteristics in various shades and intensity, but it is programmable, to a certain degree based on collective agility and creativity. Knowing who you are, can help you improve cognitive, relational and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis. Innovation, autonomy, resilience enable organizations to keep discovering themselves, improve people engagement, and increase risk intelligence.

Forward looking companies catalyze enterprise-wide transformation via self-aware leadership, self-adaptive systems, self-disciplined and self-motivated people. Self-management encourages continuous improvement which means continuing to discover that there is always a better way to do things. High level of autonomy is the symbol of digital maturity. To improve organizational agility and risk intelligence, businesses need to process information effectively to reach the state of knowledge proficiency, and insight, capture invaluable business insight to make sound judgments consistently.

Reimagining the future of business is exciting, but investigating the different paths for unlocking business performance and potential needs to take a systematic approach and develop it into a more solid form. Digital leaders must realize that you cannot wait until there is an immediate pressing task, continuous changing proactively is necessary in an ever-changing world, in order to run a future-driven digital organization.


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